Monday, May 24, 2010

cloth diapers, part 1

About 1 month ago, I put BOY in cloth diapers. I only wish I would have done this 1 and a half years ago.... or actually 13 years ago!!! All my boys, and a few of my girls have had super sensitive skin. {I have only had 3 of my girls not be super sensitive} However I believe BOY has been one of our most sensitive. I could not use Pampers, or Luvs with him, he always ended up with a rash, within a few days of using either of those brands. It got to the point that it took me and the 3 oldest A's to hold him down to change his diapers. It was so hard, not to mention he is so strong. I couldn't do it anymore. I started reading blogs about cloth diapers, looking into it... and then decided to make the switch. I haven't regretted it, not once. Even when I am cleaning them in the toilet, as a pregnant Mama! Truly it's not that bad. I have lived and dealt with a lot worst, through my Mama years.

So here's what I did to begin our cloth diaper journey, and a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

I read blogs, and posts like crazy.... here are a few of them, I am sorry there's no way I can remember all the posts I read.
Mama to 3 blessings~ this links to a new post, but she has plenty of information on her site.
Chocolate on my Cranium
Rockin C~ she's new to cloth too, and did tons of research.
My charming kids, MckMama.
After I read these, and many many more posts, blogs, ideas, how to etc. about cloth diapers.

I went on a shopping spree, so to speak!! I purchased my first diapers on ebay. They are all new, but I was able to get large amounts for a great price. I purchased a small set of Thirsty's Duo Pockets One size. I also purchased 12 of the organic bum genius AIO One size. Then I thought I would try out this brand, sold on ebay. I have actually been pleasantly pleased with this brand.UPDATED~ I forgot to mention I also have extra absorbency pads, liners. I use the one that these diapers come with, along with one of my extra ones. So I am doubling their pads, just as the thirsty duo's are. I have purchased 2 more. They do not hold quite as much, okay the only leaky diaper I have dealt with was one of these, but let me say that was one FULL diaper. I still put diapers on PRECIOUS during naps and at night time. She still doesn't always wake up dry, and I'd rather put a diaper on her, then deal with the night time accidents. Precious loves the cow diaper!! She thinks it's great!!! I put it on Boy one time before naps, and she was not very happy that she didn't get it!! I like the more plush, velor type cloth on these. I haven't used her PUL type material.

I also went to the cloth diaper superstore. I purchased one large wet bag and one medium size {for when we are away from home} I love these bags. You just throw them in with the diapers and it's done!! I am thinking of buying one more, probably medium size to use when the diapers are washing, didn't think about that! I love the little swatch of material, to put essential oils on, I am a lavender fan, so I put lavender on them. I don't think that is necessary, just something I like to do.

For wipes, I just went to a local store, and purchase 10 washcloths for $3. These are just your typical bathroom wash clothes. They are 100% cotton. I would like to get some organic, but haven't found a great deal on them yet. I simply run them under hot water, and squeeze out most of the water, then wad them up in a ball and stick them in two old disposable wipe cases I had. Simple as that. If BOY needs some oils for rashes, or such. I just add it to his bum, directly. No, not directly... but with a transfer oil. I use coconut oil, and tea tree {aka Melaluca oil} or I use a colloidal silver ointment I have. Just depends. But honestly I haven't used either one, except one time since we have used cloth!!! HOORAY!!!!

Well since this post is already super long, and it has already taken me past my typical scheduled blog time, I will have to give the rest of the nitty gritty, dirty details of cloth diapers....later!


  1. I just started using cloth diapers with my 5th baby. I, like you, wish I would've used them with my first. I haven't been brave enough to use washcloths as wipes, but I have been making my own since baby #4.

  2. I had to use washcloths, the wipes bothered him too. I did consider making my own wipes, before I switched to cloth diapers. However it seems easier to use the washable wipes, just throw it all in and wash it all up... in one quick go!

  3. I'm seriously thinking about using cloth diapers. I've just started researching so this is a very timely post! :)

  4. I am planning on posting more on this series, right down to the nitty gritty dirty details! Until then, there is so much information out there, I am sure you will keep busy reading!! My best advice, is just do it! I have debated it before, and talked myself out of it.


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