Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Oh there is a difference....

In a young family, and a... well.... more seasoned family!
(There is NO way I'm calling myself old! Not Yet!!!)

As I was home with just my younger children, my mind started reminiscing those years of a young mom. Thinking back to those days, long lost years! I was pondering over some of those "trials" young mothers deal with. 

The thought actually came to me, maybe I should run to the store and take care of a few of those errands I need to accomplish today. I looked around at my crowd, and actually thought to myself, am I up to that? Yeah a short trip would be fine. 

Then I started pondering on this thought.....
I took them everywhere that I went, they could be taken into public WITHOUT much of a second thought. 

Yet now I have that second thought, WHY? 
Because I have live in babysitters, and I am MORE than happy to let them stay home. 


Now let me just be clear, my littles are well behaved, and for the most part listen. BUT, do they know how to behave in public settings? And even more so, can I take them solo??
YES, yes I can!!! 
I have decided that just because I have a large family, and it's a nuisance to take them everywhere, and I have those live in babysitters.... Leaving them home, is NOT the best option! 
Not only is it not training my littles. And not only is it not the best example to my teens. 
However it's not the right example to the world!!! 
Yes they need to see that a large family is NOT SCARY!!! 
They need to see and feel that love that comes with many happy littles!!! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

House of Order Tips #2

House of Order Tip #2

Setting up cleaning areas.
I like this idea of Areas for a few reasons
*It's easier for me to remember, SIMPLIFY!
*It's something that my children can feel they are steward over and are responsible for.

When I say areas, it's not always a room, sometimes it's a hallway, or a shoe shelf or coat closet. Any place in your home that needs constant tidying up and maintenance can be considered an area.

My oldest son is now apprenticing with his Dad, to start a business together. So he is no longer here on a daily basis, and is off working. However everyone in our house helps to maintain it, and just because Dad and Noble are gone working all day, does not mean they don't  have responsibilities around the house. They do all the "manly" work. Check, change oil in vehicles, keep the cars clean, heavy lifting and things I don't want to deal with alone, or don't know how to fix!!! Along with that Noble is in charge of all outdoor lawn care and yard tidying. He doesn't weed alone, or do gardening alone. He mows the law, cleans up animal droppings, maintains the yard! I also requested him to have his younger brothers out helping. He's is helping to train, and it's a great opportunity to have him help with the training. This will better him when it comes time for him to be a daddy!

If he was not gone all week yard maintenance would be part of our regular areas list.

I sat down and wrote up a list of the things I need done to keep a house of order. Along with how often I felt those things needed to be done. My list looked something like this:

*bathrooms tidy and clean at least 2 times a week (we are a house of mostly boys, and young boys!!)
*family room tidy daily and deep clean
*vacuum Stairways
*Wash windows once a week or twice a week
*Wash sliding door daily or twice a week
*Toy bins daily Organized 1 time a month
*Animal care
*bookshelf organization

I found once I started this list and got my mind thinking in that direction, I found TONS of ideas! I also spent about a week or two just working on this list

Then I figured out the "areas" of the house that I'd like as stewardships.
*Family Room
*Toy area, or bins
*Library/School Room
*Bathrooms, each individual or all as one
*Shoe and coat closet/shelf/area
*Sweep and Mop

I placed all the chores from my first list into the areas they matched up with.
I then called a family meeting.
I used this time to get them inspired and excited about the idea of owning an area, a stewardship! Making it your own, and knowing that when I looked at that area, I thought of you and how awesome you are because of how well you take care of it!!!!

Then I let my children pick their area, youngest to oldest. I gave a very simple idea of what I expected in the area. I also helped my younger children make wise choices :)

Then I took some time to go individually with that child through their room and discuss things I saw that needed to be checked. Things that were maybe missed or not thought of. When they clean their areas, this is more tidying up, place things were they belong, vacuuming or sweeping.

I then made a list of those deep clean jobs that area easily forgotten, not seen by children etc. Along with jobs that I didn't feel was a part of an area from my first list. These jobs I figured out how often they needed to be done. I then made a chart with each of my children's names on it and a column for each day of the week. I also thought about our schedule, who has a busy day and when. When our whole family is gone to Vanguard (our homeschool co-op group) who has lessons in the afternoon, etc. Then I placed those chores on this chart where I thought they would work best. So each day my children (and myself) have 1 area, along with 1 or 2 daily chores. The daily chores rotate daily and the areas stay the same. Along with that a daily chore might be a list of 4 things to be done a certain week of the month. Such as:
1.Library Windows
2.dust library bookcases
3.Wash under fridge
4. Scrub down kitchen table or high chairs

Then that child does the specific week of the month ever Tuesday or whenever!

First off explain to your children that you will be using areas for our main chores. Inspire them to "own that area" Also give clear expectations and of course accountability.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Baby Rachel....

Please watch this video, and if you can please help!!
If this video doesn't work here's a link to her GO FUND ME fundraiser

As I watched this movie, my heart ached inside.
Such a sweet little spirit, fighting so hard.

Please from one Mama to another, please support this family.
As I watched this video and read the comments, I thought this is similar to homeschool. It seems in this world, so many things that seem different, are looked down on. However these parents are fighting with all they have to do what they feel the Lord has asked of them for their little angel.

 I don't want to get into a debate on their choice, as I haven't researched if very far. All I know is this is their little one, the one they were entrusted to guard and care for, and they have done the research. The have done extensive research, and most importantly they have asked for guidance.

Please support this family, in doing what they know is best for their little Rachel.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Return of the Warm Fuzzies.....

Years ago, that's crazy I can say that, years ago!!
But yes, YEARS AGO I initiated the idea of warm fuzzies.
The idea came from this talk.....
I just love this idea of positive reinforcement of service.
Basically anytime I see anyone doing anything positive, serving others, and being selfless, they get a warm fuzzy. As you can see from the jar at the top of the post, the fuzzies are pom pom's. I happened to find some that are extra fluffy!!
We begin with an empty jar, an empty love bank, by seeing these acts of service, we are rewarding them with a fuzzy. Along with positive affirmation, and loving words. Then once the jar is full (in our case once all the fuzzies are out of the bag and into the jar) Then we will do something positive and fun with our family!!!
Depending on our situation this can be something simple, like a family hike and picnic or ice cream and the park. To something more extravagant, like a trip to the zoo, or a museum, or indoor trampoline park. Maybe even a camping trip!
We want our children to love serving, however to love serving others in all aspects. Sometimes people feel in order to serve you must "do" something for someone. However loving acts of kindness can simply be words or putting yourself before another. I want my children to realize that all of these deserve praise.

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