Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Happy Planner.....

I'm a planner nerd, you know the type... they get all googly eyed as they walk down the office supply aisle. 
Can't help looking at color coded.... well everything. 
And planners, well they own too many, and never stop looking at them!


Yep that's me!

the Happy Planner, the Create 365, the Me and My Big Ideas Planner. 
(yeah it's known by all those names!)

Do you see this beauty.... I am in love with it!!! 
This is the Big Happy Planner, the Big size, not classic or mini. 

I purchased the horizontal, Big sized regular planner. 

Let me just explain the layout. 
I use the top section for our family life planning. Things like outings, classes, lessons, parties with groups, and the likes. The first hand drawn line, at the bottom of the top section is where I write down who's sheets are being, or should be, washed every day. My goal is once a week, but well life happens. It's there to just remind me, what I need to do. I will probably even draw one more above that for the "extra" cleaning jobs I want to do each day. I just haven't got there yet. This would be the "extra" "deep" cleaning things I try to accomplish. I usually figure out what I need to do through out the month, usually there are a few weekly things, and then the rest is filled with monthly tasks. 
(I can write a post on that, later if there's interest)

The second section. The first hand drawn row is for our due dates and notes section. In this section I write down dates I give to my older kids. How many times have I said, I want you to finish this assignment by the end of the week or by next Tuesday, and then completely forgot!! Especially as I am teaching High School, and Middle School- I'm finding my memory isn't as great as it use to be... and a gentle reminder is amazing. 
After that area, I have space to write our Science Lessons for the Grammar Kids, in our case the younger boys. This is where I note the lesson, experiments, videos and such. I teach the younger kids from the same subject as the older kids are using. Last year we used Elemental Science, we are leaning towards this again, for the upcoming year. 

My last section is used for our family daily lessons. We typically do History 2 days a week. Last year we also did Art one day, and Nature Study the other. I typically leave Fridays unplanned, and if we don't have out of the house activities, we will play a game. 
The "weekend" sections of this third section I use for other things, too. I use one for Science Notes for my older kids. Usually just noting the lesson, and if there's something I thought of to add to it... maybe a video or something. They do these independently throughout the week, or work on it together. The last part of this section is for next weeks notes. This is where I write things I need to copy for next week, supplies I need to get or books I need to gather. 

I also continue the columns to the bottom of the page, making one more small section at the bottom. (not pictured) This is where I plan our meals for the week. I only "plan" our dinner meals each week. We eat the same things every day for both breakfast and lunch. I write them in the daily columns, but I don't always make that meal on that day of the week. I just check off what I make each day, and try to plan to our weekly schedule. 

I use the top section weekend boxes to write out our weekend plans. We don't typically have planned, activities for the weekends, it's more of a go with the flow idea!  :) 

On the Left side of the planner is a Notes section, that's where I scribble things that I need to do, or remember. I use to use that for a grocery list, but found it didn't function well for us. 

That's it!!!

Why do I love this planner? 

*The layout! I love the 3 horizontal boxes! 
*The size! I love that it's the size of a regular sheet of paper. Also I can hole punch paper or printed lists and place them directly into the planner
My friend gifted me the punch!
* Removable pages! You can easily remove pages and replace them, or put them into a new planner the next year. I always have lists, and notes and things I want to use every year. I don't want to write those out every year to put them in my new planner. 
*Thick pages! The pages in the planner are thick! They hold up to my chaos, in more ways then one! I also love the lined pages and the graph pages- the graph pages have been so useful. 
*I can flip the planner open and fold it all the way over, flat. So it is only 1 sheet wide. This is so nice when walking, or writing at a meeting or a parkday.
*It fits in my purse!! Just barely, but it does!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fourth of July, Unit Plans


Many Americans don't even realize why we celebrate the Fourth of July. It's a sad fact of our society and educational system. 

Most Just Want to Celebrate, for any reason... just Party. 

I plan on putting together a mini unit this week 

Here's a few suggestions and ideas I found. 

These are 2 I own, and plan on using.

The Fourth of July Story

American Patriotic Primer


Learning Hand Signs to the Preamble

Constitution Writing Prompts, Worksheets and Activities

Printable Patriotic Quilt

Literature Guide, it's free with a 7 day free subscription to the site.

Independence Activities, tons of fun activities and suggestions

Patriotic Lapbook Templates

Declaration of Independence Mini Unit


Trivia Game, from IMom

Trivia Game, from Make and Takes

Stay tuned to my Instagram Account, and I'll post fun pictures and info about it there.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

What's for Dinner? Taco Salad.... Easy dinner....crowd pleaser....

What's for Dinner?

I ask this often, too often. I am not always the most on top of our meal plans... and sometimes I have no idea what I'm making when I go shopping. Yes, I know what I need to make something, but I don't have any creative, yummy meals planned. I know it's bad... ends up with me running to the store way too often to get that one item, that ends up being 10 items, and then I'm out $50... when the item I needed was only, $5....

Please tell me... you know what I'm talking about!?!?!

So if I don't have anything planned, I simply have meals I know I have the basics for and can typically put together, with everyday items I would buy. 

Entering one of "those" meals... the no stress, no thinking, simple dinner but everyone loves, kind of meals. 


This is a picture of a very simple taco salad, but here's the thing, it's has so many variations, so many optional ingredients. Which may or may not consist of what's in your pantry, or if you feel the need to make a quick shopping trip..... and hopefully sticking to the necessities!!! :)

I like to cook my meat earlier, and let it have a few minutes to cool. I cook roughly 3 pounds of ground meat, typically turkey, sometimes beef and sometimes one of those mixed with sausage. Like I said, what I have on hand. 
I season my meat with
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
a little Cayenne Pepper

Then to make a basic salad. 
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Olives

to make it Taco Salad
We add
Shredded Cheese
 usually I add frozen which I "thaw" in a bowl of hot water, and drain thoroughly. 

Typically Ranch Dressing,
 sometimes homemade sometimes store bought. 
Sour Cream

Then Take Doritos Chips, crumble on top.... and you're done...

(I forgot to take a picture of the finished assembled meal)

This is how my daughter who was leaving to babysit did her's 
TO GO!! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

St. Patricks Day Freebie

Anyone else on the lookout for some St. Patrick's day fun? has offered my readers with another spelling freebie. These are such great ways for kids to work on so many of their language arts skills. 

Gear up for St. Patrick's Day with this themed crossword. Put your knowledge and spelling skills to the test with other spelling resources at 

Clover Crossword

Answer Key

Enjoy! And an Early Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

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