Friday, March 27, 2015

More and MORE....

Today at the park, I started talking with a young mother. OK, so honestly she struck up the conversation and then I engaged! Those who KNOW me, know I am not the type to strike up a conversation :)
So this young mother, asked how many children I had.....
My thought, HERE WE GO!!!!!
This was a young mother with a 4, 2.5ish and new baby.... that's a hard time for most mom's. I've heard from a lot of mothers that #3 was the HARDEST!!!! Not necessarily because of the baby, but because most of the time you have 3 toddlers, and ONLY 2 HANDS!
When I told her I have 10, she didn't even flinch! Her response was I want 12! I looked at her in shock! (I know that's horrible!!!) I just don't think I've heard that from anyone else! Let alone a young Mother! I congratulated her, and we started talking. Somehow I told her I homeschool, and she said, I want to homeschool, too!
(I just love Precious Moments!)

I also just met, through email, another young mom, one with a 2 year old, who already knows she wants to homeschool! I LOVE to hear of these young mothers, who already are so actively engaged in their children! Who already have such strong principles and values.
Sometimes, this world seems so lost, I saw a mother at the store who looked and acted just like her 4 year old son. YES SON, Mohawk and all! She couldn't control her three young children, and honestly seemed at a lost.
I am just happy to know there are still Mothers in this world who want to give up their all, for a better way!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015


If you are LDS, and are a homeschooler, or thinking about homeschooling, you should look at this deal.....
You can try this out for $1, until September, then it's just under $20 a month after that.
I received this email from my husband, from Oak Norton, who sends out emails about Common Core.
If you're interested, go to the video below and it gives the discount code there.
Have you ever thought about homeschooling?
I think this is pretty cool so I’m sharing it with you. The American Heritage School in American Fork, is an LDS private school. They’ve been around for a few decades and I really respect the program they have. They’ve had a homeschool program as well for some time where you could buy workbooks for each school year. Now they have released an online school which has a limited time offer to sign up and get a lifetime discount. I think you’re all going to want to sign up for the promo. $1 for 6 months access. After that, it’s $20 a month. If you fail to sign up by the end of this month, then you’ll pay $30 as a signup fee, and $30 a month. I’d sign up now, explore it, see if this homeschooling program is for you, and if not, cancel. $1 to test drive this for 6 months is a great deal.
I contacted Diann Jeppson, one of the people creating the program, with some questions about how this works and here’s what I learned.
The curriculum doesn’t cover math or English. You do those separately however you want. Many use Saxon or Singapore or some other math program, and you can get whatever you want for English. Their curriculum covers other core subjects and you can teach what you want from the lessons. The topics they cover are history, science, geography, literature, music, and art. The way it works is each day, you basically have one lesson from one of those topics to cover. The lesson plan is designed to take two to three hours for a single subject, but that’s the only subject you cover that day and you do it in depth complete with activities. Then you can also do your math and English. That’s essentially your “school” day. There are sample schedules online for how to do this but with 6 subjects, many will alternate on Fridays between music and art. You can do the math on how long you’re spending on a subject vs. what students get in school and it’s not that different, particularly since this is a small group getting individualized attention. The program is designed to mimic the “one room schoolhouse” so all your kids of all ages get the same topic, but not the same assignments and projects.
Each year they are adding a new full years’ worth of curriculum lessons so eventually there will be 12 years worth of content. As it is, you can bounce around and choose what to do and go as shallow or in depth on a topic as you want. I just think you ought to sign up for a buck and try it out. This isn’t to say there isn’t value in other activities on location at a school, but this is a good homeschool option if that’s the course you’d like to go.
Here’s how to get the $1 deal.
Here’s where you can check out the curriculum:
You can learn more by attending this free introductory webinar on Thursday nights:

NO Luck for the Irish- Here......

The common saying, the Luck of the Irish, isn't something I want to teach my children.
SO instead we made 3 leaf clovers with the saying,
I am Grateful for.....
in the middle.

Instead of it being luck, we are greatful for things in our lives!
We cut out our own clovers, making heart shapes for the leaves and connecting to a stem.
Very simple.
Then we wrote different things we were thankful/grateful for.
I got the idea off pintrest, it's on my  holidays-St. Patricks's Day, board.
The one on there says LUCKY ME in the middle, so I changed it to thankful.
Here's some more ideas, I love this GODHEAD idea, maybe next year.
We read the story of St. Patrick, and we discussed the differences of the Trinity and the Godhead. However this is a wonderful idea to show it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In my Father's House are many mansions.....

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. – John 14:2 King James Version

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