Tuesday, February 20, 2018

St. Patricks Day Freebie

Anyone else on the lookout for some St. Patrick's day fun?  Education.com has offered my readers with another spelling freebie. These are such great ways for kids to work on so many of their language arts skills. 

Gear up for St. Patrick's Day with this themed crossword. Put your knowledge and spelling skills to the test with other spelling resources at Education.com 

Clover Crossword

Answer Key

Enjoy! And an Early Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Our favorite Language Arts Program.... and a freebie

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a moment to mention our new Language Arts Program, and may I add one of the best decisions I've made in my homeschool career.

We LOVE the Good and Beautiful Language Arts Program!  After 15 years (give or take) of homeschooling I finally found a curriculum that is the right mix of structure,  review, and phonics blends for our family. Not only that, but it's kid approved!

The following is from a recent email sent to all users of the curriculum, from the founder of the curriculum, yes a homeschool mama. This is so honestly spoken! I feel her testimony and her love for this, along with the everyday burnout and overwhelming feelings that homeschool mama's feel. We love the good and the beautiful company, and all the work they put into every sing piece of curriculum they offer. This is not something that is just thrown together or simply reproduced through the grades. This is ..... amazing!

Here's my Kindergartener, reading his read aloud.

This is a picture of my Kindergartener, passing off his spelling words.

A Message From Jenny Phillips

Dear Friends,
When I started The Good & the Beautiful, I just wanted to release this curriculum that I felt could really help homeschool parents and children. I didn't really want the "business" that would have to come with it, including a continually growing team of employees, the inventory and purchasing for over 60 items that we have printed, payroll, customer support for hundreds of thousands of users, and so on. It is not easy. So why do I continue doing it? I want to share with you what keeps me going, and I hope it will remind you of the reasons you keep going when homeschool gets hard.

Meet my son Sam:
Sam is 7 years old, and he and my other four children ARE the main reason I started this curriculum. The results of using the curriculum with him have been everything I desired for Sam. Whenever I think I can't keep the curriculum going, I think, "What I am going to use with my SAM. I have to do it!"

Meet my daughter Gracie:
When I first started homeschooling, I thought this adorable girl was going to be the death of me. She need a curriculum that didn't exist--nothing worked for her, and she often threw her pencil across the room in rebellion. I became good at ducking. When I started creating my own lessons for her that connected learning to beauty and meaning, she ate it up and blossomed. A few years later, this little lady is now so easy to teach. She has become a little author, a lover of poetry, a lover of beauty, and a huge lover of good and beautiful literature. It makes my heart sing. When I think, "Do I really have the energy to create high school language arts," I think, "GRACIE will need it. I have to do it!"

And since I've shared this with you all, you can have a freebie too!
Click on this link to get The Good and The Beautiful Book List, for Free!!!
This is only good until, 11/11/2017~ So Don't procrastinate!!!

And while your visiting the website check out all the wonderful curriculum they offer!

Why do I love this curriculum?
Let me just list a few simple things:

*It's Christian Based. The founder of the company is LDS, however she didn't include the LDS beliefs in the curriculum. She wanted to keep it Christian based, and open to anyone wanting to bring religion and righteousness into their studies. She offers free LDS supplements in the History program, I'm not sure if it's offered in other subjects.

*I love that they offer the curriculum for free upto I believe grade 5! I would not recommend printing it each year, as it's such a beautiful curriculum. It has beautiful pictures throughout, and well the cost to print it and bind it.... not even worth it! However, I loved that it's free. I did print it at the beginning of the year to try it out. How many times have you "looked" at something online, and thought THIS IS IT, I HAVE FOUND THE BEST CURRICULUM EVER!!!! Even a couple weeks, maybe even a couple months into it... YES IT'S STILL THE BEST.... until one day you find yourself regretting it!! Oh man have I done that, I've even suggested curriculum to people, and then found out it's actually not what I thought it was. With the free option, you can simple print it, or only print the worksheets to take it for a "test drive" If you don't like it.... it's ok you're not out a bunch of money!

*The phonics is taught phonetically. I know this is one of those topics amongst homeschoolers. Some feel it's the key, some don't. I feel it's important. I've actually seen the difference in teaching reading phonetically vs just letting them read. I know, atleast in my family, the struggle was worth every ounce of energy it took!!! :)

*The fact that the language arts isn't just language arts. My kiddo's LOVE that they are not only learning grammar and language arts, but also art appreciation, and geography along with some history! Multi-tasking is one of my favorite words!

*It's just as it says, good and beautiful!! I don't worry about handing a reader to a child and saying read it. I know this company has put so much time and energy into choosing the best books, art and learning available. I also love that they mix older readers or stories with more modern. There is such a beauty in the older classics, that isn't in the modern books.

*There's variety! No one wants to sit and do grammar worksheets every day! Not only variety, but review.

That's just a few of the benefits of this curriculum. We are also using the History 1 and I hope to give a review of it later, as I don't feel I've used it enough to give a good and honest review of it.

Don't forget your freebie! And even if you missed it, check out the website, the good and the beautiful and check out the free curriculum anytime (as long as they are able to offer it for free!)

Monday, October 30, 2017

FREEBIE..... education.com!

Hello Mama's!!!
I was recently approached by Education.com, to share with my readers a
Word Scramble Worksheet!

These came at just the right time, as I currently have a 4th grader, that is FINALLY coming around to reading, and found an old word scramble book. He has been having so much fun with it!
I also have a 1st grader who likes these, and you know he has to keep up with his brother.
Then lastly I have a Kinder, who needs to keep up and do everything they do too. Plus the reading practice is, well FUN when its in a scramble!!!

So guys, check out this website, education.com and
nurture your child's language skills with this kayak-themed word scramble. Make learning fun with an assortment of spelling games available at education.com/ !


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wiggly Boys, Wiggly Boys...what to do with all those wiggly boys?

and Girls!!!

So those of you who don't know me personally don't know that I have 4 boys in a row. Ages 8, 6, 5, 4 and a toddler 20 month old girl.... who might be mistaken for a girl in a skirt! What can I say, she was raised by those 4 boys! Plus I have 2 older boys, who use to be little boys. And a couple other wiggly girls all in one house!!!

In my opinion it's fine to let them be wiggly, to let them use that energy they have, because a lot of the time they just have a ton of built up energy they need to have used!

I thought I'd collect a few tips and ideas for teaching wiggly kids.

*If you are trying to practice reading with them, and they can't sit still long enough to do a lesson, make a deal, for every page they read they will earn 2-5 minutes of "recess" or "free play" right after their lesson. This should be changed to their age and ability. So it could be page, paragraph, sentence- word or flashcard. I like to say you have to sit until the lessons done or maybe give a specific time frame, such as we will do reading for 20 minutes. Then as they get better at sitting and reading, you can adjust those times and goals. Make it a positive, you are learning so well and doing so good, I think we should set a new goal.

*Break it up! Don't expect the wiggly ones to sit for hours doing their work. Let them have a break or do something more active in between. Even the simple act of moving to a computer or to a couch will change it up for them.

*Many homeschool moms allow kids to play with blocks or quiet toys while reading aloud. I prefer not to do that, too many times those quiet toys have become loud toys during our read aloud. I like to use snack time as read aloud time. If their mouths are full, they can't really talk! I will also have kids color or draw while I read aloud.

*Make sure you are using their needs as you go through the day. If a child is really struggling with a case of the wiggles give them something they can do, actively. If they are practicing math facts, let them do it outside on the trampoline, or even walking in a circle.

*Stick to a routine. I have found my wiggly kids, do better knowing what to expect.

*Add multi-sensory tools into the mix. Play games, add activities, do hands on, act out stories, or pull out the legos and let them listen to a CD while playing. Listen to educational CD's in the car.

*Add in sneaky learning, as I like to call it. Place books out that you want the kids to read, maybe you sit down and read it one day and then leave it somewhere they can. Put maps and eduational posters in their rooms or playrooms. If someone asks a question, don't just answer it, teach it. Papa Bear has been fishing in Alaska, so in stead of just saying he's in Alaska we could find it on the map, look at some Alaska books or you tube videos. No lesson plans, just simply answering their questions!

Hope that helps, and if you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I actually keep a list in my planner all about wiggly kids! Ideas or thoughts I have, things we've done that helped. It's just a simple list of ideas, because usually when they are all wiggly, I can't think straight!

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