Tuesday, August 18, 2009

milestone academy

have you seen Milestone Academy?

I have gotten so many great ideas, so many great reading choices from this site. She has free downloads, one is the English Language Lessons for the LDS child. I printed these off, and have started using them with A2 and A3. There are so many others. I haven't even had the time to really look over. There's also one called the pantry principle. It has wonderful, whole foods, no sugar recipes. It also discusses housekeeping and homemaking.
She has wonderful resource lists. This follows a classical education. On her side bar are lists and schedules, alot like amblesideonline. I haven't used these purely as she states, however I use alot of her suggestions, or look at alot of her suggestions. The reason I don't is only because I have alot of different learning levels/ages, and I want everyone learning together. Which is something she suggests doing. I am using the H E Marshall books for our "spine" currently. Which was suggested here.

She does follow an LDS perspective. This is where I also found our new Devotional book suggestion. We have started doing devotionals again. I love the book she suggests, it's called Scripture Study for Latter-day saint families. I purchased the New Testament. This gives so many ideas, and suggestions, along with tips and questions to start you off on a great discussion. We have spent an hour or more in the mornings, doing devotional, and engaged and learning, and loving it! I ofcourse don't follow it exactly, I tend to do my own thing, with everything! The reason I love this book, is for the things you read, everyday in the scriptures, and just don't notice. For instance we were discussing the Nativity. It does not say there were 3 wisemen, anywhere. Not that having 3 wisemen is wrong, but it is something that was started and then, just continued! Having the nativity, and the 3 wisemen so embedded into the story, you simply read wisemen, and mentally add 3. I have read that story over and over and over, and NEVER noticed it, until we started using this book.

For those of you who are not LDS who follow my blog. Do not let this hinder you from looking into her blog. She has such wonderful history, science, classic reading lists to follow. She has many great suggestions for the LDS religion, however there are also so many wonderful treasures that are not of an LDS perspective. You could easily weave in some of another religion into her ideas.

I love her idea of a timeline. I am in the process of doing something like this! I will have to post when I get it all figured out.

I am amazed this blog has only been around for one year. There is so much information, so much to read and learn from. She sends so much encouragement and help for homeschoolers. She is a veteran homeschooling mom. She no longer has children homeschooling. However she is continuing her education, along with doing some mentoring and teaching of other students. She offers her time to help others. She is a true leader, true educator. I hope to someday learn and grow to, even half of what she has accomplished and learned!

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