Tuesday, August 18, 2009

our Wall Calendar Idea..

Here is something we have implemented in our prek/k/1st grade time. One of my newest creations!! I took a poster board and made a simple grid. 7 across and 5 down. I then took velcro and placed a small piece in each square. I put the softer side on the board. Then I place the scratchy side on the back of the numbers. Each morning, weekends included, the kids find the next number. This is a fun activity. I am also going to print off calenders that the kids can trace the day each morning too. These are available free online. I have found them in a few different locations. We talk about upcoming holidays, which I place fun pictures on the calendar. We talk about today, yesterday, tomorrow, weeks, months, years. We can do some addition or subtraction. A good one right now, today is the (blank) day, and Christmas is the 25th so that leaves how many days until Christmas?!! We can either count it out orally, or they point and count themselves. There have even been a few times they surprised me and knew. I am sure they counted it earlier! There are tons of calender numbers, clipart, months etc available online or even at stores. They are very cheap, and easy to use. I just don't usually think to go get them, and have found some really fun ones online. I also put clear contact paper on them. This not only helps with the wear and tear, but also the little dirty finger prints!!

Here's a close up of our December Calendar. I found the days of the week on Janbrett.com along with the December header. The numbers are from somewhere else. Probably one of these, or somewhere I found along the way!




At the Jan Brett Website I found an idea to use a premade pocket holder. These are available at school supply stores. They have clear plastic pockets and you can just slip the numbers into the slots. I saw it too late, but my idea is also alot cheaper than purchasing one I am sure. Especially if you had the poster board from some other project, like me!

Well thought I'd share. I love seeing what others are doing for their schooling and gleaming ideas from others!


  1. ggggrrrr....I'm trying to make a calendar like that for my girls. I really like the days you got, and I can't find them anywhere! I tried all the links, but none of them were those days, unless I'm missing something. Grrr....lol

  2. http://www.janbrett.com/pocket_calendar/calendar_pocket_main.htm

    Sorry, I forgot that one!!
    If you like the dates, not days of the week, I can't remember! I pulled those out and was missing some, but now can't find the...double grrr!!!

  3. Thanks Melinda! And thanks for the message on my blog.


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