Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Video Organization

Well I don't know about anyone eles, but I LOVE to organize! I honestly do. I love to try to find that "perfect home" for everything. Yes, my poor husband, bless him, thinks I'm a nut!! I am constantly moving things, and rearranging, and reorganizing. Enough said. I don't think I will ever convince anyone, that I am not a nut!!

So today I decided to organize my videos,....Melinda style!

Dilemma~ DVD cases are NOT child proof. I don't care if they have those little clasps, they are NOT child proof. My little mischief maker, LOVES to open DVD cases. She acts like they are books. Seriously, it's an interesting concept. Well when little hands are trying to pull out DVD's they tend to get bent and cracked in the middle part. The part that is held down in the DVD cases. I don't care if those little hands are 2 years old or 11 or even an adults. Sometimes they are hard to get out of those case clasps.

Solution~ store all DVD's in a DVD/CD case!!! We put them all in there, in order of series, and labeled the pockets. So we own all the living scriptures/nest videos. We put them in order of New Testament, Bible, Book of Mormon, Heros, etc. Then we put all our Little House on the Praries DVD's in by Season and Disc number. I also categorized them, somewhat. Such as all the regular movies, if they are more for the younger crowd, they are close together. If it's more of a learning show, living planet, creation science type they are all together too. If I wouldn't have had so many little distractions, and more time. I probably would have gotten crazy and categorized the Living Scriptures Chronologically! You know I should have given that job to Austin and Abby. What was I thinking. You know that will always bug me, somewhat!

Now in this solution of mine, I also solved another dilemma in our house, SPACE. I managed to get a whole shelf of DVD's into probably two tiny little cases. I need to get another case tomorrow to finish the job. We moved all our DVD's into our storage room, to keep little hands away. So now I have more storage, along with movies close to the TV. I simply put the case up on a top shelf, all together!

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