Friday, August 21, 2009

what is there to eat???

It seems that is a question I hear often and or ponder a lot?
The kids are always looking for something to eat...but this bit of organizational advice is for me!
For me it's often let's see what should I make... or do I still have some of that in the fridge....or I am making a quick run to the grocery store, and need a quick look at the fridge.

The other problem I have is, we own 1 deep freezer, and 2 refrigerator/freezers. When our old one was needing some repairs, we decided to keep it in the basement for extra storage. I love to buy in bulk. Are you kidding, feeding 9 you have to buy in bulk! So even though the ice maker doesn't work and the trim is falling off the basement fridge it's great!
The biggest downside of this situation, is what is in the fridge?

Hence my idea to keep it all organized:
{sorry I didn't notice the glare on the photo...and am just recovering from the flu, so I didn't feel like retaking this!!}
The top photo is of my upstairs/kitchen area fridge and freezer. The purple list is my shopping list, I make quick notes of things we are out of. I use to keep it in my planner, but I always forgot to write on it. It seems to work better, in plain site so I can see it and use it often.
Next to it is a small magnetic {locker style} white board. I write, mostly the produce that I purchased on my shopping trip there. Then when I am making a meal...I can look there and see broccoli, and remember I bought broccoli and we need to eat it!
This next picture is on the side of my kitchen fridge and freezer.

I currently have 2 magnetic white boards here, I am going to purchase two more.
1 is for our deep freezer
1 is for our downstairs {extra} fridge and freezer
1 {will be} for our upstairs freezer
1 {will be} for our canned goods
My thoughts are that I will make lines like tally marks, but with no line across for the number 5. Then we will erase a line everytime we use something!
Simple enough!
I know this will take alittle time to train everyone, myself included, to do this...but I honestly think it will work.

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  1. Melinda, that's great! I'm an organizer like you and use a white board just like that for my dinner and lunch schedule and also list our most favorite dinners and how long each takes to make. I make paper lists (often in excel) of what's in our deep freezer and our spice cabinet and do the same thing you do, but I like the idea of using a whiteboard instead--makes it much easier to keep up with! Thanks for the great blog!


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