Thursday, September 10, 2009

Listening...with open ears, and open hearts

"What dat something?"

so cute, that was what my little A6 asked tonight.

It made me think sometimes she gets so frustrated because I won't listen to her. Sure some of what she says is hard to understand. Just tonight,

A1 asked, "Mom what does "tissors" mean?"

My response, "um...not sure??? {that's an odd 12 yr old question}

Then I noticed A6 was in the kitchen by him, asking it and it clicked "tissors" or did she mean Scissors!!! Yes A2 was trying to open a new package of diapers and A6 knew that she needed the scissors, "tissors!"

Sometimes I get so bogged down with questions. It feels like all my children ever do, is ask me questions. Yes some are a bit on the odd side, and yes some are just plain dumb. However all they really need is to feed a curiosity. They crave knowledge and have a hunger of curiosity.

Just think of a toddler, everything is new, everything is exciting. {how else do you explain the fact that you can play peek-a-boo for the millionth time and they are still laughing???} I don't think that ever leaves us. I believe, that children need knowledge, children need teachers....and yet often are ignored.

I truly feel like alot of the problems we might face with our children, are issues of the heart. I know I've done it, and gotten so weighed down with a child that, it's almost like I shut them off, like a switch on a TV.

So instead of letting that curiosity die, instead of starving a child who needs some attention, I am going to start feeding them, one morsel at a time...working us up to a more attentive relationship.

Because it will not only fix my problems, fix my attitude, but those around me too. It seems to me, and I'm no psychologist, just a Mommy of 7!! But it seems to me, that whenever something truly bugs you about one of your childrens attitudes or truly seems that you have that same attitude or mannerism, and it bugs you about yourself.

That or that person is simply the exact opposite of you, and you are having issues with it...but that's for another time and another post!

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