Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monthly Field Trip Group

I thought before I get too far ahead of myself with showcasing our field trips, I should tell you a bit about how we do so many awesome field trips.
It's called TEAM WORK!!!
You see, I have always tried to plan a field trip every month, for a long time, probably the whole time I have homeschooled. Though it seemed like very few of us were always planning, and everyone else was enjoying the ride.
Well I got burned out, and came up with a plan to still continue our monthly field trips, and have it not only every month {guaranteed}, but also make sure everyone was helping with the load.
We stared a Homeschool Field Trip group, with our local homeschoolers. We are very blessed to live in an area where there is a large homeschool community. Each of us plans one field trip per rotation.
So to make alittle more sense, there are 20 families in our group. So for every 20 field trips we attend, I only have to plan 1! YES that's right I get 20 for 1!!!!!
We have a yahoo group, which I head, but do not call my own. Inorder for anyone to attend, and get information for our field trips, they have to commit to planning a field trip. It's that simple.

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