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Let's talk chores...part 2

I would guess that my Part 1 was clear as a bell!!!! Or no one dares to ask me questions about it!! Or maybe no one has actually finished reading that NOVEL of a post!!!!
So since I am not, at this time, needed to clarify our system...
I'll just start on Part 2~

or, well might I just say Bribes!!!

Yes Papa and Mama Bear have struggled with giving rewards for chores. We are firm believers that things just need to be done, and you just need to help out. However we have a few children who just don't get it, and so I am trying a new rewards system, to hopefully catch their attention!

Also this is not a fluffy, laid back kind of plan.... OH NO Mama Bear is strict.... and yes sometimes just like a bear! When I say something needs to be done to my expectations, you are talking perfect! {or as close to perfect as the child can get it} My expectations for A1 are completely different than what I expect from say A4, or even A3.

Once the children complete their chores, they come to me... I am usually in the kitchen making dinner. The stove is right next to our chore chart, coincidence I THINK NOT!! The A's come to me, and we discuss chores.. something like this...

A~ Mom I'm done!!! {YIPPEE LET ME GO PLAY!!!}
Mama Bear~ {SLOW DOWN, we need to talk!!} What chores did you do today? {I doubt they are really finished! Always noting the time, it's a great indicator}
A~ Family Room {usually said with lots of ponder...hmm am I really done yet?}
Mama Bear~ {always thinking of what that room really looked like} Did you pick everything up? {A~YES} Did you remember the couch {A~ umm...yes?} Did you vacuum {A~YES} Did you vacuum under the couch and cushions?? {A~ umm...yes?} Did you move the piano bench {A~ umm...yes?} Did you vacuum behind the couch in the walkway? {A~ umm....yes??} Did you look under the little table by the door? {A~ umm.... maybe I should go look again!!!}

We do that for each and every chore... I know each kid by now. I know who usually always forgets something, I also know what is always being forgotten!

Now we do our chores, and then have a little time before bed. Hence it usually always gets messed up again! So every evening we have a 10-15 minute clean-up prep for bed. This is get your PJ's on, take dirty clothes to the laundry room, and make sure your chore areas are still clean.
Then every evening {or sometimes the next morning} I think about the house and what it looked like after the kids were in bed. I check bedrooms, when I tuck them in. I notice how the rest of the house looks as I walk through at night before bed.

Now for the points...
I have a wipe off board on the wall, next to the chore chart. I divided it into 8 columns {one for each day of the week, and one for their names, which are color coordinated to match our calendar system!} Then I have 8 rows, one per child, and one left at the bottom, since 7 doesn't divide up so well! All those were done with a black permanent marker... {did you know you can erase permanent marker off wipe off boards, if needed? You can simply write over the permanent marker with a wipe off, and then wipe it off. Or rubbing alcohol.} So now each day I put tally marks in each child's individual section.

How do we earn points?
I simply took the things that truly bugged me each day, along with the kids chores. All chores are worth one point. The kids do 4 major chores a day, plus morning and evening tidy time, along with morning and evening animal duties. Making it worth 8 points total. It must be done right and perfect for that point. Then I give them each one point for personal hygiene, without any reminders. One point for all school work finished without reminders. One point for piano practice, without reminders... things like that. The little A's don't get all the points right now, but they get enough. They get one point for behaving during school time, all A's get one point for proper school behavior. Then I also give up to 3 points for proper behavior during the day. If you throw a fit, you can loose 1,2 or even all 3 points.

Then at the end of the week we will add up our points. I will have a "MOM Store" {still in the works... note to self, finish the "MOM Store"} Each point with be worth a small amount of "Mom Dollars" The kids can earn up to 21 points in a day.

I still need to work out all the details of how much a point is worth. Though that doesn't really matter to you. You need to just figure out how much you want your children to be able to earn in a week, and go from there!
One other catch is that the kids can also turn in their "Mom Dollars" for real dollars. However they will loose around 1/4's to 1/2 of the amount. So for every "Mom Dollar" they can have 75-50 cents. Again not sure yet on the amounts. Because for me, it's not a focus on the money, or a focus on the reward... it's a positive way to show appreciation for a job well done. I also want to focus on the A's that don't do all they are suppose to, I want them to see the reward for hard work, through the other A's. Hopefully making it more real for them.

We are still doing our bean jar, but this is more for team work, or positive attitudes, helpful siblings, things like that.
Well I had better put an end to this post, or I will have to re-title it to Novel Post {chores} Part2!!
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  1. We've done a similar system before, but we did it with money like a time card. Our main goal was to simulate a regular work environment and to stress that little bits over time add up. So making only 10 cents to do the dishes isn't a lot, but doing it every day adds up! It's worked great whenever we've instituted it.

  2. Thanks Melinda- for sharing your Chores system with me. ;) Mine is a constant work in progress. But I like your "mom store" What sort of things can they buy in your store? We have a similiar system with our tokens, and I'm always searching for things for my store.

  3. okay so I started to post a comment, and it's getting way too long, I will do a quick post on this, too!

  4. I like the idea of the time card...however I want to work with play money, to help incorporate the use of everyday money. I originally got this idea, one day in the store. One of the older A's was struggling with giving the cashier the correct amount of money for the sale. I know that A know's her money, I know she can count money... but when it came to using money it was all forgotten!!
    So without mentioning this to any of the A's.... we are also practicing our math skills!! quiet, it's living math.
    I do have the older A's keep a paper with their money, noting all expenses, purchases, and deposits. Something similar to a checking register.


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