Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Family Store~ First try!

We did our first run with our family money and family store. It didn't go quite like I thought, but it was our first shopping experience! I thought a few of the older A's would want to save some money for later, but the thrill of the first time shopping got to everyone! I am sure over time, it will wear off and the A's will start saving.
Here's the details.
I made all our Mommy Money, worth 1/2 of the current US currency. So if I purchased something for $1 in the store, it is $2 in our family store. Also if the A's want their Mommy money exchanged for US Currency, it is worth 1/2 the value. My reasoning for that is, this way I can "control" what they want, in some respects. If it's something they truly want, but I feel is a waste of money, then it will only take that much more self discipline on their part to get it! So for the last 2 weeks the largest amount of Mommy Dollars given out was $4.80, so as you can see it's not going to break the bank. For each point the A's get 5 cents. Also our family store has a 5% tax. I am doing all these to help it seem like a real store!
So you want to know the best seller of the day?
Drum Roll Please..... some scratch foil kits I purchased. They are pre-printed black papers with foil {gold and silver colored} under. You scratch off the black to make the color show through.
As for the other enticing items in the store:
packages of gum at $2, sidewalk chalk at $1, Rainbow scratch sticker pages 1 for $1 or 2 for $2, Origami kit for $8, doll clothes for $14, Magnetics sets for $14, a blow dart gun for $40, extra blow darts are $12. Yes some of these are not your typical family store deals! I found a box of leftover presents from last Christmas I had forgotten about, and figured hey let's add it to our Family Store!!!
I will also be adding things like computer time, TV/Movie time, Late Night, Camping Out etc. Within restrictions, they will be granted as asked!
I also always look for deals, activities and such to add. I will not add things right after I purchase them, I will stock our store as it needs it.
As for my littlest A's I have a new idea up my sleeve for them. It's a mix of a few other ideas I've read about. I will post on this later!

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  1. Hi Melinda,
    My name is Shelly. I found your blog link on a comment left on the davis county homeschoolers yahoo group. I really liked whatever comment it was so I clicked over to your blog. Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm a mom of 3 littles. My oldest is 6 and just started homeschooling. I've really enjoyed your chores posts. Thanks again for all the great advice.


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