Monday, December 14, 2009

Homemade Gift Making

busy, busy, do I ever feel busy!!! I thought I'd drop in for a quick post about another fun Holiday Memory we have here. Around Thanksgiving, all the A's names go into a hat. Then the A's choose a name, and make a gift for the chosen A. We started this a few years back, and it's been one of the best memories for the A's.
A6 will be making a present for A5, and I thought a Homemade Tutu would be great!! She will help me by choosing a pattern, and handing me the next strip to add to our tutu!

Here's a great clip, instructions, and photos, of what we will be making!
Now back to my cutting, I am hoping to get this all prepared, so we can finish it in the next few days.


  1. Thank you so much for giving links to all the great projects. I like that you are helping your children make presents for their siblings. What a great mom!

    I made the crayone cozy's and jingle balls. I also added lots of tags to the jingle balls. The cozys weren't quite enough a present from Grammy, so I made matching book covers for spiral bound drawing pads with carrying handles and a big pocket for the crayon cozy. I'll make the tutu idea for the upcoming girl birthdays this winter and spring.

  2. These are so easy to make, and cheap. I made one for all of my girls last year.


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