Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sunday Stations...week 2

and still Lovin it!

This was our second week of Sunday Stations. It has been a true blessing to our family. It always seemed like Sundays, dragged on. Even though we always remember to rest and relax, and enjoy the Spirit of the day.... sometimes it also felt like the kids were getting rambunctious, because...they were bored.
We had our family worship, and then Mom's Sunday School Time {new name for Mom's teaching time during Sunday Stations}, we learned about Prayer. How to pray, when and where to pray, along with the whys of prayer. The message I really wanted to teach was that prayers need to be from the spirit, with meaning and feeling. Not something repetitious and spoken clearly and loudly. I was quite impressed with my A's, and all the wonderful stories they told. I was also quite impressed with how much everyone loved the Sunday School and Sunday Stations!!
This will definitely be added to our Sunday Routine.

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