Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter/Seasons/Snowflake Bentley Unit

I am preparing, gathering and getting ready to begin {again} our unit with the littler A's about Seasons/Winter/Snowflake Bentley and Balto! I haven't gotten anything yet on Balto, he's later into our unit, so I am not there yet!!
We started it the day I purchased it, I was so excited to do it!!! However I decided I better take a few moments and plan what we will be doing!!! SLOW DOWN!!
I just wanted to put a few links here I have found. Since I believe in giving credit, where credit is due.... I will link you directly to the posts I stole, or I mean took my ideas from! {someone help, I forgot how to cross out words on my blog??!!??}
I started with this, Download and Go Winter Wonders We are planning on extending these to the max!! Some days, might go 2-3 days, some might go a week or more. Alot will depend on the kids, and my ability!
Then I found some more fun ideas
Spell Out Loud, is doing the same download and go activities, and she has some wonderful links, mostly for Snowflake Bentley, here.
1+1+1=1 has some fun ideas, and winter packs for additional ideas, mostly for A5&6. This is where I originally heard about the download and go units, thanks so much for the review. Here's her winter wonders review and the winter printables are on this link.
Then ofcourse I checked out homeschool share, here's the unit I am using a few things from for our Snowflake Bentley Time. We love this book, I purchased it for A1, years and years ago... and everyone has loved it. We also have his snowflakes in photo book, this is also so much fun to look through.
I need to still see if the you tube on homeschool share is on the download and go unit. I love that these have movies, short clips, activities, worksheets, lapbooks, crafts and so much more.
We are excited to get these going again! I am always planning and coming up with units for my younger A's A4-A7... but it makes me so tired. Sometimes I get it all planned, and then I don't want to teach it because, I am exhausted from doing all that work!!!! These will be a nice addition for us. I am sure once in awhile I will go back to the original units I did, things like five in a row, and homeschool share ideas, along with my own ideas. However these will sure make life a lot easier!!!! And I love easier!!!!


  1. We just finished the unit and really enjoyed it! It took us 3 weeks :) I kept finding things to add in.

  2. I LOVE these ideas. Do you have any fun ideas for a Valentines Unit? I'm thinking I'd like to take the first couple weeks of February and do a bunch of Valentine themed activities.

  3. I haven't made a Valentine's Unit. We have done a few Valentine's Crafts and Activities in the past. I would look at the danielles place, it's on the 1+1+1=1 site, in the winter plans. I am positive there will be something there, but some of the things you have to have a paid membership to. Check out homeschool share, there's always so many fun things there. Maybe just do a yahoo search on Valentines Day lesson Plans? Once you start looking online, the ideas are everywhere!!! What grade do you teach, again?? I also have different "teacher" type books around here I get ideas from. Oriental trading Co... has tons of class size activities and crafts, pre sorted, comes in timy packets to hand out and make. Plus I get ideas from there for crafts that I already have things for. I'll think somemore, maybe something we have done in the past will come back to my memory!

  4. I have a kindergartener and a preschooler that do school with me.
    Thanks for the ideas on where to start looking. I DID find a bunch of stuff on the web, I was just hoping for some "glue" to put it all together. lol.

  5. and well since I too love glue!!
    here's a few ideas,
    looks like they offer a free trial membership here.
    abcteach I love this site, though some things you have to have a membership to access.
    I really like currclick, and they are super cheap
    I love her stuff, so cute. I use a lot of her free things, I haven't actually purchased anything yet, but looks great, and again very cheap.
    love, love, love homeschool share, so much stuff!
    she hasn't posted much yet, but I am sure she will!! This is a fun joyful holidays blog. She does have the die your own carnations idea! We loved doing that one year, and then handed them out to Grandma's and Aunts for Easter or maybe it was Mother's Day. It was YEARS ago!

    Well since I don't want to overwhelm you, I will stop here!! Enjoy, hope you get some planning done. If I come across anything of interest, I'll try to post it.


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