Wednesday, January 6, 2010

you know your an organizer junkie when...

you walk into a store, and see all the new organizing tools, products, bins and buckets, pails and drawers.... and you start feeling all giddy inside. Yes, GIDDY. Like a child in the toy aisle...

{pictures from the Container Store, did you know there was such an online store?}


  1. Oh hun, you are speaking my language! Granted, it is a somewhat newer language for me, but it is one I speak fluently. :) I could get into serious trouble in an organization store.

  2. I must be an organizer junkie too, I LOVE these pictures. I look at organizing tools, products, bins and buckets, pails and drawers in every store I go to. I think my daughter has something to say about this...

    hI GUys, dOnt paY AnY attenTioN tO wAt she SaYs cUz SheS FinAlLy GoiN waCKo. NoT thaT im sUprIzeD, HaviN 5 kIdz aN aLl.....

    That's my 12YO daughter who HATES anything to do with lists, organizing or schedules.


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