Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Germs... Germs... Germs... oh and some bacteria too!

Just recently I was thinking to myself... man these kids have got to be better about washing their hands, and keeping things CLEAN!!!! not just "clean" {anyone with kids, understands what I am saying}

Then I received one of the science email newsletters from Home Science Tools {LOVE THEM!!!} all about germs, soap and hands!! Perfect.
If you don't already get these.... you so need to. Nothing like discovering a love of science! We have always done science, but now we love science. Follow the link above, and click on the tab email newsletters.
Now for Germs....Germs...Germs.... oh and some bacteria too
from the Homeschooling a Houseful... homeschool!!!!!

here are 4 out of 6 of our containers. Two of the A's wrote their names, so I can't post them. If I had been thinking {or if this inspires you to do this experiment} I would have written on them, what we used to collect the germs!!

First up EGGS!!!! We raise chickens and collect their eggs. This is the responsibility of the children. I am always, nagging-begging-pleading with them to wash their hands good. So that day, after A3 washed the eggs and washed her hands {to what she considered good} I informed them that we were going to do this experiment {TRICKY!!!} First off we collect from her hands.

Next in the container labeled AGG, is one of my A's hands. This A did not wash their hands before, or anything. This A wanted to see what their "real" hands would be like! Honestly this isn't as bad as I expected... the A's had come in from playing outside. They went out for a break, while the solution hardened, about 15-25 mins... so I figured they be very dirty.
The container labeled AMM is from the kitchen counter. Right next to where we were doing this, and I will admit, that's GROSS!!!! I need to remember to Sanitize the counters more often! Come on there's a houseful of A's running around here.... did you see how dirty their little hands are!!
The final container to show is from herself.... Mama Bear!! I had a serious sinus infection.... so what better than to blow my nose, and wipe it with a cotton swab, for our containers!!! This one I figured would do better, but I didn't wipe right into the mucus that I blew out of my nose!!! I wiped the other side, where it soaked through {okay I know, gross... too many details} So we learned even using a tissue, doesn't get it all, sometimes it goes through the tissue onto your hands!
The other two were from our very dirty stove top {let me mention VERY DIRTY!!!} and from the front of the fridge, mostly by the handle that you grab to open.
Let's just say the kitchen is one germy place!!!!
Oh and the directions said to place these in a cool dark place. SO I put them in my hutch thinking it would be cool and dark and not bothered. Well remember when you do this, there is also a "wonderful" smell that comes with growing bacteria!!! A2 opened the hutch to look at them this morning, and she said it stinks in there, like someone tooted {that's our polite way of saying, passing gas!!!!} Yeah not yummy!!! I kept thinking it smells weird up here, whenever I walked up the stairs, which just happens to be close to the hutch.... go figure!!!


  1. This is why I am a germ-a-phobe. I scrub and sanitize and keep things well painfully clean. Germs facsinate me, but only in pictures like yours.

  2. Yuck! We did this too a while back.

    It was fun but I learned too well just how dirty my bathroom sink is.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Melinda!

    -Kari M.


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