Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ladybug girl and avocado plants

At our last visit to the library, A6 got a book titled Ladybug Girl. She loved this book... it was her choice for nap book everyday. I am sure I memorized it... after reading it that many times. It was a sad day, when Ladybug girl was returned to the library. It was a very cute book, and easy to make "educational" A perfect unit book. One thing Ladybug Girl did was water her avocado plant. Every time I said this, A6 asked what's an avocado plant? We went out and bought some avocado's and today started our plants. {this way to grow avocado plants didn't work, I believe that it might be better to try the dark cupboard way? Will let everyone know when we try again!} Even though we don't have the book anymore, they still remembered, and said... Like in Ladybug Girl!!!! As a side note we didn't space our toothpicks right, so we used four to make it balance on top of the water.

Guess what A6 will be getting shortly... her own copy of Ladybug Girl {sshhhhh, don't tell}
{you probably notice I borrowed both of these pictures from the links... sorry I'm too busy {LAZY} to take my own!!}

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  1. Love Ladybug Girl.....but I think I love the second one more, Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy. My girls love those books.


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