Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nourishing Chicken Bone Stock...

What's for dinner tonight?? Don't you LOVE that questions!??! My best response, so far to that all but loved question.... food {said in a melancholy way!} Then the next question I always hear... What kind of food?? {this is the best part!! Said in a "Mom kind of way"} The EDIBLE kind!!!! The A's HATE it!!! Now what does all that have to do with Chicken Bone Stock??? Well nothing really, I just thought I'd start with it, it makes for a good introduction...

I just ran across this post, about making Chicken Broth Stock in your crockpot. {I love my crockpots} and this site it's called Naturally Knocked Up. Not that I need help in the being knocked up area!! However she still has tons of great natural insights!

I am making this tonight, letting it simmer tomorrow, and then well see how it is!! The only reason I thought I'd try this, is we had Chicken for dinner {yes the EDIBLE kind!!} I currently purchase store bought, organic, range free chicken broth, and it's pricey. So I thought we'd give this a try and see what we thought.

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