Wednesday, May 5, 2010

from our home library.... sidebar

From our home library, the new list on my sidebar... let me give some details.
Morning reading with the little A's. Is just that, anyone who chooses can listen along. These are typically picture books. I am also going to start reading aloud from the tales of Winnie the Pooh, little bits at a time. As we read and find a "gem" I will share.

Afternoon read aloud, is done at lunch time. Depending on how hungry I am depicts when during lunch. Sometimes I read then eat, sometimes I eat then read. We take turns picking a book for this time. We started with the our oldest Noble, and go right down to Precious. Boy doesn't get a turn yet, but he will! I use to take a turn, but now we have added the evening time.

Evenings, this is Papa or Mama Bears choice. Along with this we have our family scripture, hymn and evening prayers.

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