Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cloth diapers, part 3.... {tip and tricks and cleaning}

So how do you clean your cloth diapers??? That is usually one of the first questions I get when I mention cloth diapers.

I use a wet bag. If the BOY decides to dirty himself, which he does frequently!!! I change his diaper, using my nice homemade wipes. Then I take the wipe {yes I only use 1~ EVER} and diaper into the bathroom. I almost never rinse the wipe, unless it was BAD. I just stick it into the wet bag. Then I dip, and dip and dip some more. I dip until most of the poopies come off. I don't worry too much about getting it all off. I end up washing diapers about every other day or so. I like it that way. I hate the thought of having a bag of poopies sitting around!!!
That's it, truly that's it!!!!

I am currently using Rockin Green Diaper Detergent. It works okay I guess, I can't compare it to anything else, since it's the first kind I have actually used. I usually wash the diapers one time on either a quick wash {if there's not too many poopy ones in there, or if I am rushed on time} or the way I prefer is to throw them in the washer in the evening, on a soak cycle. I put a small amount of detergent in, along with some vinegar in the rinse cycle {aka fabric softener cycle} Then after that cycle ends, I wash them again, on my normal settings on the hottest water temperature available. I use the regular amount of detergent, along with the vinegar again. If I notice the diapers are getting a musty kind of smell, I put some baking soda into the washer before I start it. Then if it appears they need an extra rinse, I run them through the rinse one more time, but usually I don't. There you go, simple as that. I almost never dry my diapers, but when it's "needed" I have.

Line drying is the best, it helps to sun out the stains.

If I notice some are getting stains. I put them out to dry, in the sun.... as long as I can, preferable all day. I also spray some watered down lemon juice on them. This helps to bleach them. It really does work, I just did it today on a few diapers that were stained. It was a bit overcast today, but I just left them out all day, and the stains were gone. I just poured some lemon juice into a spray bottle and added alittle less water than juice. Sprayed, and then put the spray bottle in my fridge to use later.

I am planning on making my own homemade soap, in the next few weeks. As soon as my current bottle is gone. I will let you know how it works on my cloth diapers.

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