Friday, June 4, 2010

Cloth Diapers, part two (types of diapers, my picks}

Which cloth diapers... the pros and cons to the diapers I have and use, my opinion only!!!

Thirsties Duo Diapers... are one of my top two diapers!! I haven't had any problems with these, or any complaints. I only have 4 of these, but they are one of the type I always grab for. I like the fit, I like the way the leg gussets wrap around BOYs chunky legs!! I really like the pocket diapers, far more than the AIO's (All in One's) I will explain this later. They are not hard to work with at all. After I wash, and {mostly} hang dry, I grab everything and assemble and stack them. Then they are ready to go. I plan on purchasing these in the size one for the new baby, but I still have time.
I also received some thirsties wipes, with the thirsties diapers I purchased. I figured there was no difference in them vs a regular washcloth. As far as cleaning power, and the way they clean, there isn't a difference. There is a huge difference in the way the thirsties wipes line dry. My washclothes come off the line all crunchy and stiff, these do not. However for the simple fact that it doesn't matter, because I get them wet to use them anyways... I am fine. Though if I ever find a great deal on any of these, I will definitely pick up some more.

EBAY stores, online!
I have purchased new cloth diapers from these stores on ebay. We have enjoyed these. I do double up the liners with some extra thirsties liners I have. I only do this, as a precaution. I just simply did it from the start. These are cute, and cheap! That being said, I have only used these for roughly 1 month. So I can not say how well they will hold up. However I haven't paid more than $5 for each one, so I am okay if they don't hold up quite as well!!!

BumGenius Organic AIO one size~ this is by far my least favorite out of the three I own. I thought I would like the all in one idea, but I don't it doesn't seem to wash as well. The nitty gritty of cloth diapering {aka POOP} sometimes get in between the two liners. The liners also sometimes hang dry a little crunchier than I like, prefer. They also take by far longer to dry. I don't think it's anything against the BumGenius brand. It seems to be a nice brand, I hear tons of positive feedback about BumGenius. I think I personally don't like the AIO type diapers. I prefer the pocket cloth diapers. Again this is only my opinion. It seems there are plenty of people out there who love AIO's.... that's why I purchased them. I just want my opinion that AIO's are not my favorite out there, too. I do plan to purchase some BumGenius pockets to try out eventually.

So there you go, the types of cloth diapers I prefer. Again this is only my opinion, and trust me I haven't been in the cloth diaper world long enough to say I am a veteran, or know all about it!!!

Next for my cloth diapering posts.... how I clean them, and tips and tricks I've learned/read along the way!

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