Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home School Village~ REFRESH!.....

The homeschool village's discussion this week, is refreshment. What do you homeschool mom's do to refresh? Since we are back to a year around school schedule, I don't take an extended time off. However we take our breaks, breathers, and refreshers as needed. We take part in many different activities and outings throughout the year, school and summer, to keep us refreshed and recharged. For me personally whenever we take a break, it seems it's harder to keep the peace. We like our routine, and it works nicely to just keep it going.
A few other things I've heard others do that I am considering, pondering, and praying about...
Is to do school 4 days, and use the 5th day as a project, family day. I like this idea, but at the same time, we do many of these types of things everyday!! Another thought is to school 3 or 4 weeks on and take one week off again as a project week. Again not sure about it, will have to see what way the Lord directs our ways. For us, we use our breaks and refresh time, for family vacations, family outings, field trips, or maybe when a new little one will join our family! Those are the times I need a break, from the books! Though everyone always drags along a few books on our breaks!!!

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