Thursday, June 3, 2010

Homeschool Village Blog Fair!

Well let's see, for us we will be making some drastic changes. I had mentioned we were going to do more textbook learning... well the A's have cast their votes, and they all HATE their history textbooks. We we will be leaving those behind. I am actually quite happy. Next Friday is our local homeschool convention and curriculum fair... so I am making a list and checking it twice! {Wait is it Christmas?? Conventions get HS Mama's feeling that way!!}
The other major change, will be our routine. We live in a hot climate, so we move to a summer routine. We get up, do our family bible readings, personal bible readings, prep for the day, morning chores, breakfast and breakfast duties, Math lessons for the day, and some family history reading, along with working with the K and Pre-K kids a bit. Then the A's are free to roam and play until lunch. After lunch, during the HEAT OF THE DAY, we come in and take care of our Independent Studies {IS} along with any other family studies we have. So our biggest change to our school, is simply the time!!! I am a firm believer in year round schooling. It seems any time we have a long break, it's hard for all of us, including Mama Bear to get back into gear.
NOW for 3 homeschool blogs I love!
Hmmm.... drum roll please!!
{I will be trying to choose 3 that haven't been mentioned, or participated yet!!}

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