Thursday, June 3, 2010

Starting at the end.....

The other day, I decided to take care of one of my pet peeves about our school time....


I actually, sadly hear that often. I don't know who's pencil was the red one with white flowers Grandma gave them for Valentine's day. So I thought to myself, my color-coded oh so crazy organized self.... why not color code the pencils? BRILLIANT!!!!

I went to the local dollar store, and bought 3 packs of mechanical pencils, with 5 multi colors in them. They also had a pack with 5 pens of the same, or close to same colors. As I was handing them out, Noble asked me... Mom why are you doing this at the end of the year? {Maybe I forgot to mention we were getting back to our year round schedule this year, maybe he simply forgot... or purposefully forgot!!! Not sure} I simply said, sometimes changes need to happen, and it doesn't matter when or how, but it needs to be done.

So that is where the title is headed, starting at the end. I honestly feel we are doing that, this year.

And you know what, it's alright! Change needs to happen, when change needs to happen. Whatever the change is, if it will fix a problem then it must be fixed and corrected.

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