Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hobby Lobby... you get my craft bucks!......

last year is the first year I saw these ads Hobby Lobby {the ultimate craft store} puts out in local newspapers for Independence Day. They run a full page add {take about some serious bucks} all about the Constitution, patriotism, and God and our country! The above picture was for the 2010 Independence day.

If you go to this website, Hobby Lobby Holiday Messages, you can see all of the ads they have done, along with downloading them. I have a feeling we will be adding a few of these to our decor, especially in Noble's room. He loves all things Constitutional!!

I had no idea they also had Christmas and Easter ones too! They all have a Christian/Godly appeal to them.

I figure if Hobby Lobby can spend their money on such a wonderful {and I am sure over looked} item. That is so important and giving.... well then I will definitely support them. They are "throwing out" their hard earned cash, for a wonderful cause, and they deserve our support!!

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