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Nobles upcoming year.... 8th grade

WOW 8th grade... now that's scary!!!

along with our family time studies Noble will be doing the following, mostly independently. I am uncertain if he will participate in all our family time studies, the decision will be made by how much time he needs for his independent school work. He will definitely join us in Music Appreciation, Art Studies, Read Alouds, Family Scripture Studies, Nature Studies, PE, Music, and Morning Calendar Time, History read alouds. History Notebooks and projects, Science and Geography are uncertain. It will probably depend on his interest!

PERSONAL SCRIPTURE STUDY AND JOURNALING~ Every morning the kids read at least one chapter in their scriptures... whatever book they are currently studying. They choose either one scripture from the chapter to copy, or can summarize the chapter or story they are reading. Along with that, they write in their journals, keeping their history. I do not read these, but they do show them to me once a week and I just skim over what they wrote and give suggestions, and insights.

HISTORY~ Living History, life before Christ an LDS Perspective. He will be completing 1 Epoch every 4 weeks, including projects and extra readings. Trust me this will not stretch him, he loves history and works quickly through it.

SCIENCE~ Apologia General Science, he will be finishing this book, and then Noble wants to move into Chemistry, but I am thinking Physical Science. He will complete 1 lesson every 2 weeks, including experiments, journal, illustrations/graphs from book, additional information on CD, and test and study time. I think this is reasonable. We went at a slower rate last year, and we both felt it was too slow, by the end of the year.

RELIGIOUS READINGS~ This is done after lunch and lunch clean up. This is Mom's quiet time! little ones down for naps, and older ones read daily for 30 minutes!!! YEAH!!!! During this time they can read any religious book, of their choice and interest. Noble has read many biographies, autobiographies and church history books throughout the years. We have incorporated this into our school plans.... for years and years!

ECONOMICS/GOVERNMENT~ This is another of Nobles favorite subjects! He will read through the books from bluestocking press. He does this 3 times a week and for 30 minutes each time. Along with that I will be watching for an online class/seminar for him to participate in. He attended an online class last end of winter into spring, he LOVED it. It was about the constitution, and they read parts of the constitution, and the 5000 year leap. This is lead by Noble and his interests.

ENGINEERING/DRAFTING~ This is another of Nobles interests. I found a workbook at Barnes and Noble, and he works through 1 lesson per week. It is mostly teaching him how to draw plans, free hand. Art and sketching are not his best subject, but I feel it's important to learn some of this first before learning on a computer. That will be our next step, finding a computer program for him to use.

SPELLING~ He is currently finishing Spelling Workout G. He will begin Spelling Workout H. next. Again we do one lesson per week. Each day he will write his spelling list, and the new rule learned. He also has to write his own Spelling Sentences, using his words. We take a pre-test on Day 3 {typically Wednesdays} if he gets 100% he doesn't have to do a final test on day 5 {typically Fridays}

VOCABULARY~ Noble is using Wordly Wise 3000. He will be starting Level 8 this year. I also just found an online word list. I currently have him scheduled to listen to the online word list daily, to hear proper pronunciation. This is also his daily study time. One thing I noticed with the last book, was sometimes during our tests, he wouldn't recognize the word, because he wasn't pronouncing it correctly!!! We have a pre-test, oral only on Day 3 {typically Wednesdays} and again if he gets them all correct, he doesn't have to take the final test on Day 5 {typically Fridays} He completes one lesson per week, due on day 5. He also writes all his vocabulary words in his own sentences due by day 5.

GRAMMAR~ We are using Easy Grammar and Daily Grams. He is in level 5. This is because we never could find a grammar program we both liked!!! So we are trying to play catch up in Grammar, but I am fine with where he is and his progress. We were doing this less last year, this year we are bumping grammar up to a daily subject.

SAT PREP~ Every day Noble gets a SAT question in his email. He simply answers it and reports if he got it right. If he doesn't know the answer or gets it wrong, he reads through the link for help. This is simply to get him use to a "test" like this, and to see what skills we need to work on. Some of the questions he simply doesn't know, because he's not to that level in a subject. That's okay too, he just guesses, and reads about it!

MATH~ My rule of math is pretty strict, the kids can only get 10 questions wrong in his whole lesson, to pass it off. I figure it's better to know the information than it is to go on! He is using Saxon 87 right now, he is almost finished in it. Then he will move onto Saxon Algebra later in the year. He has to do the Mental Math, Facts Tests and Problem solving {we call it the box} He reads his lesson, and does all of the lesson related problems. Then I rotate through doing evens or odds for his practice/review part of the lesson. I correct it the first time, then he re-works any wrong answers. I then correct it again the second time. He must get 10 or less wrong. Sometimes he will get less but if I notice he still didn't do it correct, I will have him do that question the next day along with the next lesson. If he gets a lot wrong on the new lesson problems, then I will not pass it off, even if it is less then 10. Yeah I am one of those mean MATH TEACHERS!!!!

HANDWRITING~ Noble and I decided his handwriting is typically very nice {when he tries!!} So he finished his last handwriting workbook. This year he will be choosing a scripture each day, and copying it. He can also choose a quote or thought he hears or reads somewhere too.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE~ He will be re-starting our Rosetta Stone, Spanish. We were going good with this, and then had computer problems, and well it's taken forever for us to get it up and going again. I will probably try to find him another program as he has interest in learning this fluently. I know he has interest in other languages, so we will see if he chooses to add more.

LATIN~ again one I haven't decided on completely. Noble wants to learn it, and I am just comparing programs. Will post when decided.

LOGIC~ Noble is working through Cranium Crackers, and Fallacy Detective. This is done 4 times a week, 2 times in each book. Sometimes to mix it up, he will do a lesson in our Mind Benders. Along with that he will begin the book, how to read a book. This might be one we read together, I want to read it too. I began reading it, but well it got pushed to the side!!

MUSIC~ Noble will continue with his private piano lessons. Along with that I purchased Music Ace for use during the summer, when I took time off from practices and activities. Noble will continue this doing about 3 lessons per week, is what I have scheduled. If it seems too much I will reduce it. He is also interested in learning guitar, and purchased a guitar a few years back. I think I finally found him a teacher I am willing to let teach him!! I want it to be all classical and religious.... none of the crazy stuff. We are very particular in what types of music we listen to, hence I don't want him playing crazy things on instruments either!

TYPING~ We have been using the program Typing Instructor Deluxe. The kids enjoy it, and it's sort of a break from regular studies! They complete one lesson 3 times a week and play the games related to it for up to 15 minutes total per day. Along with that, he is using the computer more for web searches, and on websites of interest.

INDEPENDENT MEMORY WORK~ this will be things of interest to him. Knowing Noble he will start with memorizing the constitution. I will have them report and try to pass off every week. This will be done completely independently, and solely be on their terms. Once it is passed off, he will also copy it into his memory journal.

WRITING~ We will be trying out the program Writing Strands. He will be doing Level 4. I am uncertain how often he will do this, I just purchased the books, and need to look through them to make the decision.

READING~ I am still pondering over this, but I think I will make a list of books I want him to read every 6-7 weeks {which is typically how long I "plan" out our studies} Then he can read them as he chooses.

MOM AND ME READING~ this is a new thing I am adding to our day. Once a week, I will read aloud to or with one child for roughly 15-20 minutes. We will begin by reading the book boyhood and beyond. I am hoping to get through 1 chapter a week with the older kids. Once we finish it, I will pick another book. I want this time for my older kids to be about growing up, working hard, older kids character training so to speak. As we complete books, I will post what we choose. This is something I am very excited to start with the kids. It's hard to get one on one time, with almost 8 kids around here!!!!!

PERSONAL WRITING~ This is something we have just started. All the older kids will be doing it. He will write one rough draft or correct and write one final draft per week. So the same paper will typically be worked on for 2 weeks, unless they choose to do it quicker. This will again be with their own interests. They can write letters to friends or family, write a poem or words to a song, they can even compose a piece of music, with words. It can be anything written, and has to be done personally... no copying, or copywork. Again this is due on day 5 {typically Fridays}

GEOGRAPHY~ Noble will be continuing using the study guide, around the world in 180 days. Noble will complete one location every 4 weeks. The guide has vocabulary, mapping locations, culture questions, religious questions, geographical questions.... and on and on. Once he has completed all the questions and "work" he then chooses one suggested project or comes up with his own to complete. Last year he was doing these on post boards.... but this year I am going to have him do them on file folders, like lapbooks. Then we can store them easier! I do not make him follow the outline of locations, he can pick and choose where he wants to "go" each time.

INDEPENDENT RESEARCH STUDY PROJECTS~ This is just what it says! Anything he wants to know about, anything he questions.... and trust me he questions, everything! He will choose a project, subject, or have a question. Then he will research it, and do something to prove he learned about it! Very independent, I give very little advice or suggestions. He will complete one of these every 4 weeks. Unless it's something he is really working on and needs more time. If it became a much larger project then he had anticipated! The idea of this, is to open the world up to the kids. I don't want to make it a big deal, you missed your deadline. I want it to be a look at what I learned, project!

SCOUTING MERIT BADGES~He will continue earning and working on his scouting merit badges. I do not give requirements on how many to do each week, or when to do them. I just have him mark in his planner when he does work on them. He is very self motivated in the scouting program. I might suggest that he do a little more work on them the next week, if I notice he's not working on them very often. This is also something he does in his spare time.

Most of these subjects will be graded, at Nobles request. We don't have to keep grades or keep scores on subjects here. However he wants to do it. I will be using the 10 subject grade form to keep his grades.

This seems like a lot of work, but it's very manageable for Noble. He is a hard worker, and very self motivated. He also loves to learn. I am sure he will accomplish all this with in 2-3 hours a day. Along with our family studies he will school for around 4-5 hours a day. Which isn't bad, especially for an 8th grader, who wants to learn!

Along with all that, you can guarantee, he will do plenty of independent reading throughout the day. He is definitely one of the book worms of the family. We visit the library, and bookmobile, or he can look through our home library. He has outgrown a lot of his playing stage. {he actual outgrew it about 5 years ago!!} He typically spends his free time, reading, researching or learning and thinking!

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