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Virtues upcoming year.... 6th grade....

Along with our family studies, Virtue will be completing the following as her independent studies. Let me just say, it was a struggle teaching Virtue in the beginning. She doesn't learn, at all like Noble, and well Noble learns in "MY" style. I have had to change a lot of "MY" thinking when it comes to Virtue. This is not saying she is not as smart, or not as talented. She definitely has her strong points, as do all kids. For a long time I pushed her to do what I wanted, and forced her to work her way through different curriculum.... only to push her to a point she was over loaded and bogged down. It has taken some time for me to figure out what works for her, and even then sometimes I choose something, she isn't untested in! If you have ever had a child who didn't learn in the typical learning style. You really should look into Right Brain Learners... this is what finally made learning click with Virtue! This is a link to Dianne Craft, this is the first site I found and the one who brought the light {and tears} to my eyes. {I will try to post more information on this later, as Valiant tends to lean toward the right brain too. I'd also LOVE to compare my right/left and somewhat middle children!!!}

PERSONAL SCRIPTURE STUDY AND JOURNALING~ Every morning the kids read at least one chapter in their scriptures... whatever book they are currently studying. They choose either one scripture from the chapter to copy, or can summarize the chapter or story they are reading. Along with that, they write in their journals, keeping their history. I do not read these, but they do show them to me once a week and I just skim over what they wrote and give suggestions, and insights.

MATH~ Math has been a long hard road with Virtue. This year we are trying Teaching Textbooks with her. I think the one on one interaction, instant answers, instant checking and fixing of problems will help her. We shall see. This is not my style, but I think it will appeal to her learning style. I had her do some of the sample lessons online, and get a feel for it. She's not loving it, but she enjoyed it. She will be in Math 5. Along with that, she will do math speed drills. I don't believe these are included in her math, so I will either copy some from other math curriculum I have, or online. She will also do, an online self checking drill. It also includes math games. Oh and it's not just Multiplication, I did a post on this earlier here.

GRAMMAR~ Virtue is also using Easy Grammar. She does not use the daily grams, but I might purchase them to add, haven't decided yet. It might overload her. She is easily overloaded on "busy" work and workbooks. She is in level 3. Again this is a subject I never got going until last year. So we are all a little behind in it. This is being bumped up to a daily subject this year.

HANDRWRITING~ We use A reason for handwriting in our homeschool. Virtue will be beginning level ??D?? this year. This is one lesson per week. This program is broken down into usually 4 lessons, with some of the words practiced before, then a scripture is copied for lesson 5. The scripture is copied onto cute paper, with either pictures to color, or space to draw. The kids have to complete the 3-4 review lessons, plus corrections, and the last lesson plus corrections, plus finish decorating or coloring their final copy by day 5 {typically Friday}

SPELLING~ Spelling is another one of Virtues {un} "favorite" subjects! I had her using spelling workout as the other kids do, and it was too much for her. She struggled and struggled with it. Then we switched to a homemade spelling. I would choose around 10-15 words a week for her to use. She would copy them each day. Then each word she would break up into usually syllables or "chunks" that she could remember easier for drilling. She would also write each word in a sentence {which is where I found a lot of her spelling words!!} She would also illustrate each word. In the illustration, she had to also write the word, as part of the picture. This worked for awhile, until I saw a new curriculum....Spelling Wisdom, I purchased book 2.
We will see how it goes. If it doesn't work, we will return to the other way. Mom will just have to be better organized with collecting her words, and be more patient in this area! I will probably also have her copy the passage after she has passed it off. Since she won't have words, to write sentences.

VOCABULARY~ Again a subject she struggled with using the same curriculum as the other two older A's. She is using the book, Vocabulary Cartoons. Again not something I would choose as my first choose. It took me some time to okay it with myself. The amazing thing is she really does remember them, and it's definitely something like what is suggested in the Right Brain Research I did. For this, she reads through her words every day. Then on day 3 {typically Wednesdays} she has an oral drill. If all words are defined right, then she doesn't have to take her final test on day 5 {typically Fridays} Each section has 10 words in it. I have her do 5 words a week, for two weeks, then the review on week 3. She also has to write each word in her own sentence, due by day 5 {typically Friday}

MUSIC~ Virtue will continue with her private piano lessons. Along with our family records. She will also play Music Ace 1 lesson and 1 activity 3 times a week.

READING~ Virtue is scheduled to read three different topics 3 times a week for 3o minutes each time. She reads a classical book, history book, and a science book. In the past this has been their own choice, and we record it on a reading log. This is probably what we will continue.

RELIGIOUS READING~ this is done after lunch and lunch clean up. The kids all go to their beds for a 30 minute quite reading time. This is also Mom's quite re-boot her engines time! The kids get to choose any religious reading, and read it for 30 minutes. We keep a reading log, to remember what they have or haven't read.

SCIENCE~ This is one of Virtues favorite subjects, as long as it involves nature! She will be finishing the Exploring creation with Botony Book. She will also use the notebook. Since this is an independent subject, it makes it easier for Mom to make sure she is doing everything! She is currently scheduled for 1 lesson every 2 weeks. I will see how that works out, and adjust as needed. I think she might be able to do one lesson a week, or maybe in a week and a half??

TYPING~ Virtue is actual one of the kid typers in the house. She will be continuing using the same program as Noble and Charity, Typing Instructor Deluxe. 1 lesson and 1 game, max of 15 minutes 3 times a day.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE~ She will also be using the Rosetta Stone Program. I have them scheduled for 3 times a week, I will see how that works.Along with that we will be learning Sign Language and {hopefully} Hebrew as a family.

LOGIC~ For Logic we have some of the mind benders. I am also looking into the building thinking skills series. Currently this is set for 2 times a week, but if I purchase the other program I will probably move it up to 3 or 4 times.

PERSONAL WRITING~ this is something we started this year. Each week the kids will write their own personal writing. This can be letters to friends or family, writing a personal poem or hymn, story, whatever! Each week they will work on either a rough draft, or correct and finalize a final draft. So each item will take them 2 weeks to complete, unless it is something long and needs more time.

INDIVIDUAL MEMORY WORK~ this is memory work that interests Virtue.

INDEPENDENT STUDIES RESEARCH PROJECTS~ One of these will be due every 4 weeks. I might change that to 6 weeks, to work with our yearly schedule better? This is an individual research project. It is on any topic that interests the kid, and is done in a way that is pleasing to the child. I will not give any requirements on these, it will be something for them to figure out. Obviously I will be here for support and help with questions.

ART~ this is something I am considering adding to her studies, artistic pursuits. Art is an "elective" she is interested in. I would like to add a curriculum to help her with this talent. I am not the most artistic, so a curriculum to follow would be nice for her. We do art with our other subjects as a family, along with added crafts and things... however I would like her to have a more hands on approach, too.

To see how I keep it all together, here's a look at Nobles IS sheet. They are all similar in layout, and I have just individualized them, where needed.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that your link from the Not Back to School Blog Hop didn't work. I had to click around to get here. I'm glad I did. Sounds like you put alot of thought and effort into your curriculum for each child. TT has worked for my ds. And I love your idea for journally during Scripture studying. I think we will try that out for our scripture time. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. I came here via the blog hop. I had never heard of Diane Craft but her ideas mesh with my eldest kid. He taught himself to read and really doesn't get phonics. He sees words in patterns and reads whole words at once. For spelling for him I am using Sequential Spelling by AVKO. It may be worth looking at for your daughter if she doesn't like having mistakes and doesn't like rewriting her corrections. It does use colour too in showing the patterns in words. HTH, Jen in Oz

  3. I have heard of Sequential Spelling, it is one I will have to remember if this other program doesn't work.
    Do read over Diane Crafts website and articles, I try to re-read this often, to remind myself what I need to work with.

  4. Oh dear I will have to see what happened. Thanks for letting me know.
    We have been journaling during sciptures, as long as I can remember. We actually just found one of Nobles first ones, it was quite cute!!!


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