Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charity's upcoming year..... 5th grade....

Along with our family studies, Charity will be doing the following as her independent studies.

PERSONAL DEVOTIONAL AND JOURNAL~ Every morning each of the A's has a personal scripture devotional time. They are reading through the scriptures 1 chapter a day. She journals about what she read, copies on scripture from the chapter. Then she also journals about her life, or something she wants to write about.

MATH~ Charity is currently working through Rod and Staff Mathematics. She has almost completed 4 and will probably move into Saxon 54 or 65. I will test her and see which is a better fit for her. Along with that she will be working with the online math facts drills... Multiplication.com. This is a daily subject. Again she must get less than 10 wrong to pass off the lesson.

GRAMMAR~ Charity is working with Easy Grammar 3. This will be a daily subject.

SPELLING~ Charity is using Spelling Workout, along with Noble. She is working on level D. This is 1 lesson per week. Pre-Test taken on day 3 {typically Wednesdays} If she gets 100% on this she doesn't have to take the final test on day 4 {typically Thursdays} Along with the lesson, she writes all the words in her own sentences.

VOCABULARY~ Charity began Wordly Wise 5 at the end of last year. She will finish that book. She will also use the online drill same as Noble. This will help her to pronounce all the words correctly every day. She completes 1 lesson every 5 days {a week} along with an oral test on day 4 {typically Thursday} She also writes all the words in her own sentences due by day 5 {typically Friday}

WRITING~She has been using A Reason for Handwriting. She has been using level T. This is the transition into cursive level. She has had interest in learning cursive for a long time, however I have not been impressed enough with her penmanship that I wouldn't let her move on! I did show her how to write her name, and help her fix anything she writes, for fun in cursive. She has finally fixed her penmanship enough, I will be starting her in the cursive section. This book has about half of it as a penmanship review. I let the kids move into cursive, once they prove their penmanship is worthy!!!

TYPING~ She is using the same typing program as the other two A's, Typing Instructor Deluxe. This is scheduled for 1 lesson and 1 game or a max of 15 minutes 3 times a week.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE~ Charity is also using Rosetta Stone, as the older A's. This is scheduled for 3 times a week. Along with this we are learning different words and the alphabet, along with some songs, in sign language. I also am planning on learning Hebrew as a family.

LOGIC~ Charity is also doing Mind Benders for logic. This is scheduled for 2 times a week. However I am looking at the building thinking skills program, too. If I add this, we will change it to 4 times a week, and it will be 2 lessons in MB and 2 lessons in BTS.

MUSIC~ Charity will also be taking personal piano lessons. Along with that she will do Music Ace This is scheduled for 1 lesson and 1 activity 3 times a week. She will also be doing our family music appreciation lessons, and family recorders.

READING~ Charity will also be reading 3 different topics, 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time. She will read Classic, Science and History. She did not want to do her own science or history curriculum this year. She will be doing those subjects with our family studies and her independent readings. She will also be assigned different books to read through the week, on topics we are studding together.

INDIVIDUAL MEMORY WORK~ Each of the A's will choose different things to memorize. We will discuss them and choose them together.

PERSONAL WRITINGS~ This is something new we started. Each week Charity will either write a rough draft or finalize her rough draft into a final copy. She can write anything she wishes. She has 2 pen pals she writes back and forth with. She can also write stories, which is something she has always enjoyed, hymns, poems, whatever. It has to be personal and not copied.

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