Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It just comes natural.........

given that it can be natural. It's all in the environment. Do you give your children the ability to do what is natural to them? To be what they need to be? For boys to become men, and girls to become women. For boys to become Dad's and girls to become Mother's? These are natural roles, and if they are given time, and instincts to use those natural talents..... then they will grow, they will flourish, they will become all they were meant to be.

 I am talking about the fact that  little boys naturally want to become men. From the youngest age, if you are raising boys to become real men, then that's what they want. I have watched all my boys start to get older and then want to be mommies little man! I love seeing that, that look of amazement, and accomplishment in their eyes. You see recently Papa Bear and Noble have been gone alot, did I say a lot, I meant ALOT! When Papa Bear left the first time, he turned to Valiant and said, can you be the man of the house? The look of wonderment, with a mix of pride and a longing and desire to obey and to accomplish this task was so wonderful, so amazing to see. It's one of those moments when a boy becomes a man. Valiant answered with a YES, and he's accomplished just that. He has done what seems natural, and I give him the ability to do it. I ask him to be the man of the house when it's needed.

I am talking of little men wanting to help. Just this evening Gallant was wanting to help. See the younger chidlren all spent some time with Grandpa and Grandma, while mom was busy with the teens. We forgot our one and only bottle so we had to go get it, otherwise there would have been an uproar when we got home. As we were pulling into Grandpa and Grandma's drive way, Gallant said, I can just go get the bottle. I can do it Mom. Well my mommy side was my minds first thought, oh I can do it....I will be so much faster.  Or no I should just have (stick any of the older children's names here) go do it. Then I thought to myself.... no he can do it. He can do it, and he wants to do it.... so why would I take that opportunity away from him? He's such a help, and learning how to be more and more each day.

It's the atmosphere of the home. I read this recently and loved it,

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