Monday, January 27, 2014

House of Order Tips #1

I recently spoke at a convention, and wow I thought an hour would last forever, it didn't!!!! I had so much to say, and didn't get to it all!!! So I thought I might start doing some simple posts to give different ideas.

My talk was called House of Order.

The first and most important part of this talk, and all ideas for organization, is that you must take what works for you, and forget about the rest!

Don't make something work for you that doesn't.

To simplify my thinking, and to make sure I don't forget the great ideas or new ways we are implementing school. I make a simple graph on my office computer program. This is for each of my children who are independent in subjects, to keep track of what they need to do and what they have done. We call it the IS sheet, Independent Studies!

I make a graph with 7 columns and however many rows are needed per child.

Column 1 is for the subject, or item they are to do.
These are only independent subjects. Spelling Practice, Music Practice, Handwriting things that they know how to do, and typically can do without help. I also have Math listed here. For the most part my kids do their own math, if they need help then they ask. They are to at least try on their own, reading their lessons and seeing if they understand. We 1 lesson a day, and then they correct it and then redo any that were wrong to make sure they understand. Both of those are listed here as Math 1 and Math redo. They write their scores on the sheet, and show me when they are finished.
Along with that Math Fact Reviews. We discuss what Math Fact a child needs to work on either Friday after their Math Fact Test or Monday as we begin a new week. They jot down on their sheets the fact something like x4, +8, or a fraction sheet or whatever.

Column 2 is for how many times they are to do it a week. It's a simple number in this column. Math is done 5 times a week so it has a 5, maybe art lessons are done 1 time a week so their is a 1. Meaning that the kids choose their own schedules for the week. They know what they need to do and how many times a week. On Fridays I look at it and make sure it's all complete. The last row is called Mom's ok. They have to bring their IS sheets to me, when they are finished for the day. I can see what they did, discuss their plans and maybe give some advice.

The last 5 are for the days of the week. These are small and just big enough for the kids to make with an X. In the Math section and a few others I ask them to put their scores. This is just for me to look at and evaluate.

I typically print off one and use it for a week. Making adjustments, and changes that are needed. Make those changes to the sheets, and then print off one. We continue this rotation until I get it the way I want it. Once it's working and I remembered everything!! :)  Then I print it off and laminate it. I typically leave a few empty rows, just in case I remember anything else, or decided someone needs to add something to their IS.

At the very bottom, in the left over space, I write NOTES: This is a place that they can jot down notes about their week, notes from family lessons, notes to themselves.

I do not have to keep scores for my states laws, however if I wanted to I would go to the donna young printable webpage, and print off a score sheet to keep track.

Hopefully that's clear, as it's somewhat difficult to visualize something like this!!!!

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