Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just a moment, in the houseful.....

The other day I was down rocking my baby, we caught the worst cold and flu. I think we are finally all over it, however the cough is still lingering. As I was sitting there cuddling my little ones.....

I heard this shrieking


Coming from not one, but TWO teenage girls.
As mom's of teenage girls know there's a difference between yells of drama and yells that matter!!!! (Wait most mom's of little toddlers know this too!) This was a Yell THAT MATTERED! As I was getting up, the next thing I heard was that pitter-patter of running feet. Then......
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a  LAUGH,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                         
I wondered what was worst, the Yell or the Laugh?

Ok, now I am confused. Wait is it the flu!?!?!

Next I hear a herd of wild elephants coming down my stairs,
NO WAIT!!!! That would be a herd of kids, lead by those TWO Teenage girls!


All this mom can think is... ???????????????

Do you know what BRAVE just did? (my 5 year old, wild man!) Virtue, The oldest of the TWO Teenage Girls asked!
Ummmm NO?!? Said I.
He just chased us around upstairs, with a SPIDER! NO A DEAD SPIDER!!!!!

I peer at the stairway, where the little BRAVE is standing, with a slight smirk on his face. And say you did?

YES!!!! Was his reply, and his smirk became the biggest, mischievous smile I've seen in awhile from my Brave Boy! He turned and ran back up the stairs to tell HIS TALE, to his now captive audience. (maybe I should have intervened right here, as his captive audience consisted of his two younger already plenty mischievous littler brothers, Gallant and Sprout! Though I think I was still shocked!!)

Obviously my shocked look told the TWO Teenage girls, I needed more information-- and quickly!
Apparently Virtue was cleaning her room, and found a spider on her sock. Virtue tends to be somewhat dramatic when it comes to finding spiders and bugs and well creepy things. She's trained her younger brothers well, when she says get it..... that's exactly what they do! Brave heard the call, and came running to her rescue. However his Knightly Virtues seemed to end there, as right after he killed the little critter, he got his "great" plan. He picked up the dead spider, and started chasing his sisters around the upstairs!!!!

All I could say when it was all over and done, was....
BRAVE...... we don't kill anything unless Virtue or Charity tell us to, right? No mom, I know!
OK........ So was that fun, tormenting your older sisters!?! (I know not the best Mommy Moment!!) YES!!!!  (looking at his TWO Teenage Sisters) Well it's probably the only way HE can get you two back!!!!!

Aahhhh!! These are THE MOMENTS!!!! The Moments I'll cherish forever, the moments I know I will come to miss!!!!!!

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