Monday, February 23, 2015


Am I doing enough?
Am I doing it just right?
Did I do everything that is needed?
What about her spelling?
What about his handwriting?
Oh their reading?
And then there's the extra things, art, PE, foreign languages!!!!!!!
The list goes on and on!
BUT,, let's look at the root of all these questions.....
Exactly who says what's right for your child?
Is it the state? Is it the current school curriculums? No it's a personal decision that involves your Heavenly Father, you and your spouse and that particular child! NO ONE ELSE!!!

So honestly all those questions can be answered by simply saying you are afraid!
What are you afraid of? Having your child do and be everything that someone else's child is? Well is that the right path for your child? We were recently reading the 10 commandments as part of our daily scripture study. As we read about idols and coveting others, we started thinking of different things and ways these apply to us. One thought I had is this idea that my children are not good enough, in this area or that area. They are not like holly homeschooler who knows and loves math- all the way in calculus at age 14! They are not like Hebert homeschooler who knows fluent Chinese, Latin, Greek and is now learning Spanish! No, but does that matter?
We as the parents get stuck in this idea that we will have the smartest, most well rounded, children. A perfect child- with no gaps!!!  And if they do have gaps they are our faults, they are my fault.
I guess I need to remember not every child will grow up to be Einstein, and honestly I do t think Einstein thought he was as great as everyone e else thought he was!
I only know of one man who walked this earth, who was perfect. I also know I am so far from him! How can I expect anyone to be perfect like him? No, we can't! But we can learn to lean on him for strength. We can remember to always stove to be perfect, and to challenge ourselves, and our children.
Because what is perfect? Is it perfect in the worlds sight? Or perfect in HIS sight?

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