Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flexible..... not Flaky!

I heard this today at a meeting I was at, with other homeschool mom's and youth. It made me think....
So I thought I'd share it. I also wanted to write it down, because it's one worth remembering!
Food for thought, and inspiration!

Homeschoolers have one great benefit they are flexible. Homeschoolers have one great fault they are flexible!

This is so true! And a good thing to keep in the back of my mind!
However as we all agree....

The world is our classroom!

Oh, and the flakey part. One mom mentioned she'd much rather be called flexible than flaky!


  1. The flexibility of homeschooling is what I love most about it! I do think I border on flaky sometimes though, that's something I have to keep in check lol!

  2. Definitely! I love the flexibility, the joy of learning in all areas and in many different settings! However sometimes we fall into the flaky mindset. Then it's back to finding that groove.


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