Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Where have all the men gone!!??!!

Last Friday I went to our state capital to hear a session about a bill I am very interested in. As I was there, I was shocked by the following event;
I was sitting near the back, a few chairs away from one of the doors to the room. It was a packed room, very few seats left. Just as the session was beginning I started looking around the room. I enjoy watching people, so I looked around at the crowd. I noticed that the row I was seated in was all younger, probably interns, mostly male, with 2 females right next to me on the left and another male to my right. A whole family was in front of me, they came to support the bill, as it effects their family business. Then along the wall going up the wall along the walkway, was a row of older males and the usher. Just about that time, 2 ladies walked in. 1 in her 30's and 1 that was older maybe 50 and on crutches. These two ladies walked in, the usher stood to look for a seat for them. Now as the door opened everyone right around me, including myself looked, as it let in noise from the hallways. I had enough time to think, that lady should not have to stand, I will give up my seat. As I was thinking this,  2 of the older males stood and had the ladies take their seats. However I noticed that not one of the young men offered their seats!!! Now the young man next to me, right next to the door, did offer his, after the ladies where already headed to the other seats. I don't think anyone in the room heard him, past me! He said it very quietly and more as an after thought.
This got me wondering,
Where have all the MEN gone!!??!!
It saddens me, to think that these things happen, and they happen everywhere, everyday!!!

In my hopes of raising good, godly children, I hope I am doing all I can to raise my boys, all 6 of them to treat women with respect!
To teach my daughters to want that respect, and to know the difference of true respect and false respect.
We need fathers to raise their sons to be MEN!
We need fathers to lead their homes!

Mothers, sometimes when we are home all day with our boys we forget that boys need to be boys. Boys need to play hard, and more importantly WORK HARD!
I was just today reading aloud Little House in the Big Woods to my children. We were reading where Uncle Henry's son Charley was not taught to help and work.
It was a perfect time to discuss what Pa meant by Charley being spoiled and not learning to work.
I know my boys know how to work, and work hard. Work is a common word in our house!! :)
However sometimes I wonder if my boys would have stood up for that lady at the capital?
I hope so, and I plan to remember this in my thoughts with teaching and leading my children.  

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