Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NO Luck for the Irish- Here......

The common saying, the Luck of the Irish, isn't something I want to teach my children.
SO instead we made 3 leaf clovers with the saying,
I am Grateful for.....
in the middle.

Instead of it being luck, we are greatful for things in our lives!
We cut out our own clovers, making heart shapes for the leaves and connecting to a stem.
Very simple.
Then we wrote different things we were thankful/grateful for.
I got the idea off pintrest, it's on my  holidays-St. Patricks's Day, board.
The one on there says LUCKY ME in the middle, so I changed it to thankful.
Here's some more ideas, I love this GODHEAD idea, maybe next year.
We read the story of St. Patrick, and we discussed the differences of the Trinity and the Godhead. However this is a wonderful idea to show it.

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