Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Polluting the mind.... Brain candy.... And something to ponder.....

Another home educating mom mentioned this quote from an email she forwarded to a group I participate in....

Forty-two years ago, this statement was made in General Conference: “Many of the recommended reading lists of our public schools would have been classified as unacceptable less than a generation ago . . . Perhaps we should all become a lot more interested in what the school is recommending and making available to our children." 
Here's the link to the speech:

Did you notice this was quoted from 42 years ago!!!! Has it gotten any better? No way!

One friend had said once that things like Harry potter are just pure fun, she called it brain candy. Which got me questioning, what kind of treats do I want to feed my mind with?
Don't things like pornography, substance abuse, and adultery all begin somewhere small?
That "brain candy" is what begins us on a downward path, opening those doors that allow us to "have a little  fun" is what leads to great sin!

Thoughts to ponder!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. My parents pulled me out of highschool English 30 years ago and explained that "vice is a monster of terrible mean to be hated once needs only be seen but seen too often we first pity then embrace." This began my introduction to homeschooling and has continued with my family of 10 and hopefully will pass on to the next generation.

  2. LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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