Friday, September 4, 2015

The 5 habits of Highly Successful Homeschoolers, has got my mind spinning......

Earlier this week I was organizing our "learning area" and bookshelves. I came across some papers that I had printed from somewhere, and there wasn't a title page with them anymore. I decided to skim through them and figure out what it was and whether I wanted to keep it or toss it. I finally figured out it was the small book by the DeMille's, the 5 habits of highly successful homeschoolers. After I read through the introduction, I decided this would be a good read and threw it on my night stand! It caught my attention, and looked like a quick read. BOY was I WRONG!! (and honestly I should have known better, seeing that it's by the DeMille's! I mean really they don't do quick reads or mediocre thoughts!)
I just wanted to ponder about a few thoughts that have hit me recently, a few ah-haw's so to speak!

One thing that I loved, and I don't really have much to add, just that it really brought such a peace and yet so much enthusiasm and excitement to my thoughts, that I just wanted to "proclaim it from the roof tops!"

"the decision (to homeschool) is a very important one, and those who make it often feel overwhelmed by the challenge. At least at first. (and I might add during "seasons") This makes them NOBLE. It makes them LEADERS- whether they MEAN TO BE OR NOT." (Emphasis from me!!!)

This just truly inspired me, uplifted me, and well I wanted to share it with everyone! We are noble, we are leaders, we are warriors and WE CAN DO THIS!!! and yes we are leaders, whether we mean to be or not. Just think of the example you set and give to those you love most about- your children! Also think about those who home educate or are thinking about it, and see your amazingness... it's contagious!!!

Another thought and something that has maybe hit home more, as a thought to learn and grow from.
In Habit one, aiming high, they note the book, The closing of the American Mind, by Allan Bloom. He states that one of the greatest declines of modern times is that while many families still eat together, most families no longer read together or think together. I have a wonderful homeschool friend/mentor named Mary. I'd say she has this one DOWN! She has been a major inspiration to our family. I remember watching her and her family, and thinking they are always thinking, and so often together..... I WANT THAT!!! So I watched, and listened and learned so much from them. Some of it I need to reinstate into our routine, but some of it is simply being present in our day, with the family and just part of how we spend our time. Some of it is simply just life.

I was reading Mary's personal blog and she mentioned some of the character traits she sees and loves in her children. The kindness and quickness to help one another, the learning to care and love the littles to help with them, and spend precious time with them.  In her thoughts, she wondered where and how they get those traits, and wondered if daily devotions and daily family scripture study was part of it. I read that this morning, and thought YES- Definitely!!! However I think to add the idea that it's also the time she spends thinking and discussing those lessons. It's life, and learning and thinking together that brings that feeling of oneness out in our children.

There is a difference in being educated and truly knowing and growing from your education! A difference of knowing how to use that education with the greatness we have been given!

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