Friday, October 2, 2015

let them SOAR......

Earlier this morning as I was having a moment, ok I was actually having a bath! Trying to soak some of the pregnancy pains out of my back and hips :) Oh if it were that easy! I had a thought strike me, an AH-HA as some might call it!

It's interesting how each child has a pure genius, yet some may not seem to be so much of a genius!!!

Ok so that's not exactly something new, but it has hit me at a time that I needed it, again.

As I was sitting there, thinking about my 13 year old, and how "far behind he is in "school"" A thought struck me, honestly it was inspiration given by my Heavenly Father- as the peace it brought afterwards can only be from him. This thought was purely simple,

YES, but look at what HE CAN DO!!!

I started letting my mind wander and thought, yes so true, it seems the children who have the book smarts, don't have the street smarts. While those who can figure things out, and are hands on- get in there and get it done- don't typically have the book smarts.

While to the world, one appears to be a "genius" while the other appears to be "hopeless". Though both are truly geniuses. We need both in the world, and we have both in the world. And some those adults, who appeared to be "hopeless" children have become world "geniuses" as adults. And WHY? Because, when they were younger they had people, usually family, but sometimes others around them who saw that "genius" and they just loved, and cared for and encouraged them. They kept their self esteem high, they fought with and for them, and then one day they watched them soar!

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