Thursday, December 10, 2015

answering curriculum questions......

Recently I made a comment to another homeschool mom, a new homeschool mom, and well I like it!! She is a new homeschooler, and was asking what specific curriculums everyone uses. My comment went something like this:

"It's not the curriculum that's the question. The question is, how you and your children learn, what goals you have for your homeschool, why you homeschool, those are the questions. After you find the answers to those questions, then the question of curriculum is easy!"

I would recommend you write out a list of "why we homeschool" and refer to this list, often. I also would recommend that this list stay handy always, it's always open for editing and adding to. Things change, as you work along the journey of homeschool, motherhood, and well life in general- things change. Keep your mind open to those changes and allow them to better your life, as you move through it.

I would also recommend you read more about philosophies and personalities LONG before you start worrying about curriculum. Make your choices off who you are, and who your children are.

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