Monday, June 19, 2017

Essential Oils, in my houseful!

I have been an Oil'er for years, actually I believe it's been a good 8-10 years!
I love oils, I use them for medicinal purposes, aroma purposes, and emotional purposes.
I won't go into purposes, or things I love, necessarily because, well there's so many recipes, advice, and blends out there. I use many different oils for many different reasons, and well whenever we have an aliment, I simple search for an oil, if I don't already know one.

What I will get into is Essential Oil Companies.
I've investigated oil companies, and read may blogs about what oil companies are out there, and their business etiquette, origin of their oils, and of course cost vs quality. I won't get into all the info here, but this is a wonderful blog series about many popular companies, essential oil showdown series
While the companies I prefer, are not on her list, or even really compared on this blog series, I did take many of her questions and concerns and applied them to the companies I already used and liked.

So here's a link to the two companies our houseful uses for essential oils.

First is Plant Therapy
This link will take you to a nice post about the company, their oils and the quality. I like that they list where the oils are grown, when you click on an oil in the shop it lists the origin of the ingredients. They do research on the farms and ingredients before they begin using that resource.  Plant therapy, offers reward points on all orders you make, and those can be used towards your oil or accessory purchases.

Next is Eden's Garden
This link will take you to a nice about us page. When you click on a oil in the shop, and then the detail link it will give you all the info on the ingredients used and their origin. They do research on all farms and ingredients as well. Eden's Garden also offers reward points on all orders you make, along with a few other reward benefits. They do offer a refer a friend reward bonus, so if you decide to order from my reference here, please use the above link- and send me some rewards!! They also give extra reward bonuses, for your birthday, following them on Instagram and Facebook and setting up an account and once you order certain dollar amounts of oils.

Also if you sign up for both companies email lists, or
 follow them on Facebook and Instagram, they both send out specials and offers on a regular basis.
So from the research I've done, along with the many wonderful bloggers who have done research for me, I feel these companies offer a high quality product, for a low cost!

Here's 2 of my favorite blends from these companies. These are blends specific to these companies, ones I've not seen from other companies.

Harmony, from Eden's Garden- I LOVE this one!! I diffuse it and wear it, like most ladies wear perfume!

Calming the Child, from Plant Therapy- I love this one too!! Love it for my kiddos, and also sometimes I wear it too! I love to spray it on our bedding and diffuse it during quiet time!

Hope you enjoy, and become an oil'er for life!!!

PS- the only compensation I may receive from this post, is if you choose to use my refer a friend link above from Eden's Garden. Otherwise, this is just one friends recommendation to another friend!

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