Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dishes, Dishes, Dishes EVERYWHERE!!

Do you see this?? Yes it's my empty dishwasher...yes empty.
You might even ask, why is there a picture of her empty dishwasher on her blog?
Let me explain...
my dishwasher has been empty for almost 2 weeks now. Yes
still some of you are saying...SO??
We haven't even used our dishwasher for almost 2 weeks.
Not only that but my kitchen has never been cleaner. {Atleast in the dirty dishes area}
Our newest system is really quite simple.
Right after {or even during} every meal...I fill the sink up with water and dish soap.
Then as everyone is finished eating, they scrape their plates, usually into the animal bucket
{we raise animals, that also make good garbage disposals!!}
then into the water it all goes, and everyone washes their own dishes. Dries them and then puts them away.
The littlest A's {4,2 and 1} obviously don't do this alone. Their buddy of the day gets to help them.
Then depending on the meal and the amount of pans or preparing dishes were used, states how we clean up the rest.
USUALLY I take care of Breakfast and Lunch dishes. That way the kids can start their days, chores and school work. I am incharge of kitchen in the mornings. I use this time, to teach my little A's the business of kitchen duties!
After Dinner, it's team work, to clean up the kitchen. All the kids help, and do the dishes, wipe down the table and chairs {and highchair} sweep the floors {dining and kitchen} wipe off the cupboards. I use to use a chart that divided up the after dinner chores, but I am now wanting to add alittle more team work into the routine.
That's it, so simple...and yet so satisfying!
Now, what to do with that extra kitchen space!???!
{oh, the possibilities!}

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