Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lunch time read alouds..

Something we like to do is lunchtime read aloud. This is something that both myself and the kids enjoy. Usually I read while they eat, and then eat after them. Sometimes I eat and then read, they are usually slow eaters, and I can usually accomplish both in the time it takes them to eat!!

Anyways, something I just started is to let the kids each pick a book for me to read aloud. These are usually longer books, and we try to stick to classics. So far we have read; Button Boy, Black Beauty, Felicity, Curious George (yes stretching the classics there!!) Lastly we read Eight Cousins.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell everyone about this book, it is definitely worth reading. I could read this book over a few more times. The storyline and plot are great. Even though the main character is a girl, her eight cousins are boys, so it is lively enough to keep the boys entertained.

It's about a girl, named Rose. Her Mother died, early in her life, and her Father just passed away. She took care of her Father, and loved to read to him. She loves to read all the time. Her Father gave her guardianship to his brother, whom she barley knew. Honestly she didn't know any of her extended family very well. Her uncle, is a doctor. Her aunts don't think it's right/fit for an unmarried man to try to raise a girl, especially a teenage girl. They all decide, the aunts and uncles to give Uncle Alec (the doctor) 1 year to experiment his ideas and child raising philosophy with Rose. Then they would all meet again, and decide and discuss how things went.

The things they do and the things he taught her were so eye opening, and so wonderful to read. I could have had a lengthy discussion after every page of this book, if I wanted to. I try to leave the story for the kids to gain what they do from. I try to not say too much about it, and what I thought. Though I also do take opportunities to discuss different aspects and topics, that I just can't not mention.

The boys, the eight cousins, where so fun to read about. They of course were all a bit different and had different personalities, along with different talents and trials.

It was a sweet family oriented book. Something I plan on adding to my classics list.

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