Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mission Organization...Laundry

Laundry, Laundry...Oh laundry.
(by the way, this is not a happy little tune!!)
doing laundry for 9, really keeps a gal busy.
For the actual laundering part of laundry, sorry I am of little help there.The only bit of advice I could offer, and something I have had to remind myself often...JUST DO IT!! For us I have to do 2-3 loads of laundry a day. If I don't, it piles up, if it piles up it just simply grows. So we have two smaller baskets in the laundry room, simply lights and darks. They are constantly being filled and emptied, and yes filled more!
I have started washing towels and washcloths, right in the regular loads. If I wait for a full load, we end up with no towels. Yes I do have an extra large washer and dryer. We change our sheets usually once a week, and that's when I say, oh look there's alittle break in the laundry, let's throw some sheets in. It's my desire, to make a certain day for a certain persons sheets. Just haven't gotten that into our "schedule" yet. So for now, when Mom says, it works.
I do have a suggestion for sorting clothes, and remembering who's clothes are who's. This is a HUGE problem with my girls. They are so close in ages and sizes, I forget I handed something down. That or sometimes they both get the same shirt, because it's a good deal, and they could both use a new white shirt. So what I started doing is dotting clothes. That way when something is handed down, it just gets another dot. No more letters, or scribbling out someones name. Or worst yet, who's shirt is this??
On either their label, or the thicker part around the collar of shirts, I put dots. The children are sorted by their sex and then age. So the oldest girl and boy each get one dot. The second oldest girl and boy get 2 dots, and on down. These are just tiny dots, and easy to see. Then when you start sorting you don't have to stop and look for a tag. It's on the collar. If I was to do this over again, all boys clothes would get blue dots all girls pink. That's the new system.
Well hope my little bit of organizational finds, helps someone else. OH and by the way, I can not take credit for this, I read it on someone else' blog a year or so ago!

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