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Mom's New Brain...

Warning~ Extra LONG post, with lots of pictures!!!

There are many names for these, Mom's Planner, Mom's Journal, Control Journal...I prefer Mom's Brain!!{Hee Hee}

There are also tons of ways to put one of these together...so I will just add to it all my ideas. As I use this, I am sure I will modify it to work best for me. That is what I would highly recommend you do, make it your way...for what you need. The main reason I did this, was for all those papers and things that I have around...I place them in a perfect/special location, to be easily found later, or when needed. However that "perfect/special" location can never be found...when needed!! I also wanted an all in one Planner.

{for some reason I can not get my pictures to move around like I have in the past, so I will refer to each picture by number, and you will have to scroll down to find it...sorry.}

Photo 12
I started with a cute binder. I purchased a 1", though I wish I would have used a bit larger one. I might end up moving everything to a bigger one.

Photo 13 and 14
On the inside front cover I placed a simple clipboard, that I decorated. This is the area for "hot items" Coupons or sales I want to remember, library lists of what we have out, the papers are for our upcoming matholympiad. Things that I don't have a location for, things that are more of a temporary basis. Or things I really need to remember!
Then I had an old pencil pouch I put there. I have paper clips, post-it notes, a sharpie, pen. In the bottom zipper pouch is our perpetual birthday/special occasion calendar. It has the months and dates, no years. So I just add dates to remember, and every time I get a new calendar I add them as needed.

Photo 15 and 16
Next is a 2009-2010 calendar and a larger planner/calendar I already owned, for planning! I just pulled it all apart, and hole punched it. Use what you have!! There are also tons of places online for printable calendars and lists.

Photos 7,8,9,10,11,12,2,3,4
are my next dividers.
I put education first. This is a place that I keep needed to purchase curriculum. I purchase alot of our textbooks used, and sometimes I need to still purchase the answer book, or teachers manual. This is a list of what I am looking for. I also use Explode the Code, and I put them in clear page protectors. So the kids can wipe them off and they can be used for everyone. So I have a list of which ones I am still looking for or needing. I just started doing this, so I am re-purchasing some of them. I also have a books to note page. Things that I hear about or catch a glimpse of and am curious about. Things I want to research and look into. I also list the price to purchase all these new, so when I purchase used, I know if I am getting a good deal or not. This is also a place to write down books I might have borrowed from a friend or the library that I would like to purchase. I also have a few notes in this section. Notes from speakers, curriculum fairs/classes, other blogs.
Health is next. This is a place to store notes on nutrition, things in foods that I do or do not want to eat. Tips on eating healthy. You could also put recipes to try or things to look for. We also purchase food from a health food co-op. So I have a master list of items we like here. I also have a CPR sheet in there. It's always good to know.
Contacts is next (for some reason that picture didn't show up)
This is where I keep pages of contacts. All types of people, neighbors and friends, people I might need to contact, activity leaders, group leaders. etc etc etc! I will eventually have credit card numbers, bank numbers, bill contact information there too.
Next is Homemaking. It's actually empty right now. I will put anything to do with the house and home there. I have some printouts for cleaning without chemicals things like that. If I had a nicely decorated home (ha, ha) I might keep swatches and paint chips and colors etc there.
Next is Other, and well yes that's for anything else I might have! I have emergency preparedness printouts, that would be a nice place to keep them. Our neighborhood also does an emergency preparedness and emergency contacts packet I will put that there too. It has ideas for preparing, and there is a green sign that says we are okay, and a red sign that say we need help. We can put those in our window to let everyone know.

Photo 5
after that I have these dividers I purchased at wal-mart a few years ago, when I was going to make a new brain, and didn't. I put small post-it dividers there and the first ones are labeled for each person in the family. The first one is for Dad and Mom, then each kid individually. This is a place to store their information. Things like gymnastics forms or information, Scouts papers, friends numbers, papers and information that pertains for that specific child. If your kids go to a public school you could also store their schedules, progress reports, rules of the class/disclosures.
I also have one for our Christmas Card List. Has names of family and friends with addresses.

Photo 6 and 1
are the last things. I have a Moms ONLY notebook. I don't know if your kids are this way, but mine are always getting out notebooks to write, color, draw, doodle...and it's always in mine! On the back cover I hot glued a large re-sealable (velcro) envelope. This is a place for loose items and things I don't want to lose. Also on the top of Photo 1 you can see the small post-it divider things. They are tabs that are like tape and can be re-positioned. I put them on and covered them with tape.

now for great places to find wonderful ideas!

Peakmore Academy

Starry Sky Ranch she has links on the right side bar of her blog for a home management binder.

Rockin' C I got the original idea here! Thanks Tiff!!!

Donna Young Printables

So there's a few ideas to quench your thirst!!! Enjoy!

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Photo 4Photo 5
Photo 6

Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10

Photo 11
Photo 12
Photo 13

Photo 14
Photo 15
Photo 16


  1. I've got one of these in the works...needs a little tweaking to make it work for me...your post inspired me to take another look at it. Thanks :)


  2. Amanda,
    I am glad I was able to give you some inspiration....hence the reason we all blog!!! Mine is still being tweaked and messed with. I plan on writing an updating my brain blog, soon!
    {isn't that the best blog title?? I better go write that one down!!LOL!!}


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