Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Reason for Handwriting

We have really enjoyed the A REASON FOR HANDWRITING series.
The things I really like about this, is that the Kindergarten/beginning level uses mostly animals for their themes for each letter. In the lesson book, they give a brief introduction to each animal. A bit on the climate or area it lives, what it eats, what type of animal it is, about their family groups and babies. It is something all the little ones have enjoyed. We have made animal notebooks/books with these after. I believe all the lowercase letters are animals, and then most of the uppercase animals are animals. A few of the uppercase animals are things like rainbows and I think quarts was another one. However they still have a fun introduction to each of these. I also love that they are scripture based. The introductions to the animals, usually have something in them about how wonderful God is to do such great things for the animals. If not, you can usually add it!! Also once they pass the beginning level, they are writing scriptures. It does use the NIV of the Bible. Since we don't use that version of the Bible, that is one setback to it. However The meanings are still there. I also think that it's better for the kids to be writing something with some meaning, rather than off the wall sentences! The lessons are prepared so you do 4 lessons of practicing letters and words. These words and letters are then used in the scripture that is copied, on day 5. The copywork is also done on nice, notebook type paper. So the kids can look through and chose one and then color it. We do coloring as our day 6, sort of like a day off from handwriting.
Now when I was on their website, I noticed they do a few other A REASON FOR.....books. It looked like they had spelling, science and one more I believe.

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