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Rod and Staff

A friend of mine is starting her planning for next years curriculum. She is posting different curriculum she likes to use, and things she is considering. As we are year round schoolers here. I am not necessarily planning for next year. I am always planning and looking!
I must admit, I have a bit of a curriculum/book problem. I am an addict to books! I love books. Yet I am not necessarily a big reader. I like to read, I just hate getting into something and then boom having to stop. When I study I want some real study time! Oh well....with our lives we must live in seasons. My season to study and really read will come! For now I will be content with the time I do manage to get. Though I must admit I have a few bookworms around my house! I love that.
So what I am going to do for the next little while is post some of my favorite book suppliers or curriculum suppliers. I am going to label this series, home library. I hope that some of my finds, will help you with some of what you are looking for.
I will start with
I love both their curriculum and books. This is a Mennonite or Amish company, so the stories are sweet and down to home. There is Mennonite/Amish dress and horse and buggy. Though none of my children have every questioned it! We do have Mennonites who live in our community. We have discussed the Mennonite/Amish religion with our children, so maybe that's why? I love their little Jewel books, Their God is Good Series. I always drool over their readers. I like that they have a simple Godly message in everything. I also use their Math 1 for my little ones, sometimes we use 2 and 3 depending on the child. I also love their Reading Series for beginning readers, the Bible Nurture and Reader Series. (also called we learn about God). This has a beginning readers, with 2 workbooks. The two workbooks focus on Reading and Phonics. The thing my little ones always love is the worksheets book that comes, it's mostly a cut and paste and color book. That is their "reward" for doing a good job on their other workbooks. I also have their getting ready preschool series, do it carefully, counting with numbers, and Bible pictures to color. Those have been nice for my littles ones who want to do "school". They carry tons of other things too, some I have used, some I've wanted to get. Coloring books~educational and Biblical. Many different puzzle books, posters, music supplies, art series. Years ago we did their art with a purpose, it was fun and cute, and had a Biblical Slant to it. Oh and did I mention the best part of this company is they are wonderful to work with, and their prices are AWESOME!!! Another nice thing, you can order their graded curriculum sample books for free. Then you can actually handle and see what you are thinking of purchasing. Austin is using their Grammar Series and we like it. I am considering changing, just because it is teacher taught. I would like something a bit more independent. However the structure and review is great. So I will most likely stick to it. He loves the review and actually likes the textbook style to it. He hates things that are watered down, and I can guarantee this is not watered down. Half the time I am just hoping he understand what I am trying to teach, because I rarely remember what I am teaching. So I am learning right along with him! We tried their Science and Geography, however it was not our style. Not to say it was bad, it was great for a textbook approach. However what we are doing now works best for us. (Which I will give more details in another post!!)
So there you have the why I love Rod & Staff in a nutshell!!
Oh and I might add, I would hate anyone to purchase these thinking, oh if Melinda likes them, then they must be good. Just remember, we all have different styles of teaching and different styles of learners we are teaching!

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