Friday, September 11, 2009

Calling all Blog Designers...

Any one who might follow my new blog, or pop in from time to time, has probably noticed all the changes taking place to the blog layout, colors, and such. I am getting it to what I want it to be....
but we are not quite there yet!!!

SO I am calling all you Blog Designers.....
I am sure that I could easily continue in the way I have been doing it......trying to search the Internet. But honestly for everything I want to try to fix, change, that would take a life time!!
And I don't think I have a life time to get my blog in order!!!
So here's what I want....
Please help if you can!

~I want to align all the text on my blog in the center. The posts and the sidebars

~I want to make my side bars one long sidebar, without the breaks in colors, but I would like the border separations.

~I want the sidebars and background different colors, but I don't like the white on the blue...So I'd like the white changed to a different color
~I would like the sidebar titles and text to be a different look, but I don't really like any they offer on the blog colors/fonts layout page.

Well I better stop for now, if I make this list too long, I will feel overwhelmed!!

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