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Learning Rooms~ Older Post!

This is a post from my other family blog about our learning room. Not all of tis post is up to date, I will have to update some things at a later time. The reason I want to put this up right now, is I noticed on the Spell Out Loud site, she is looking for ideas to organize some of her things, and I thought this might help her!
{note to self: Update Learning Room}
YEAH!!!! Our learning room is finally complete!!

I posted alittle while back about our Construction/Demolition Class! Well the organizational class is now finished too!! We have finally got most everything in the room, and into the places I am thinking we want them. Ofcourse things will be moved and reorganized as we use the space more and more. For those of you who know me well enough, now I LOVE to reorganize. Its not really a love of reorganization. It's more of a love to try to find that perfect "home", that perfect place for every single item we own. I love the idea that everything has a place and everything belongs in it's place. Well enough on that, I could ramble on and on about that! Now for the pictures of our learning room.
The top picture is of the view as you enter the door. This is our "school" area. The desks are there, along with the area the kids keep their binders and books. I don't like their desks cluttered so we use this storage shelf for their things. (Their new name for this is, their lockers!! the kids cousin had told them about lockers, and they thought it fit!!) Then to the right is the closet. This is mostly my closet. The place I store teachers manuals, teaching supplies, work books, text books, hands on project ideas. Along with extra school supplies, extra binders and folders. Next to that is a tall/skinny shelf. That's where I keep the current teaching supplies I need. This also sits by my "desk"Oh it's hard to see, but instead of curtains I hung the world map over the top of the window! This not only allowed more natural light, but also gave me more wall space.
This picture is standing by the desks and looking into the second room area, where the second room was, and the wall was. The door into the room is the door there with the different pictures on it. That's our art display area, for now!! Behind the desks is a wall area for posters and maps. Next to that wall, the white cabinet, is our art supply cabinet and markers, scissors, etc go there. Along the far wall is the kids computer and 2 bookshelves, along with a shelf where we keep different types of paper.
This is a picture of the old second bedroom closet. This is next to the kids computer and one of our history bookshelfs, along that far wall. This is where we keep all the "learning" games and activities. This is always a mess come school time. It's what my littles one use while schools in session!! It's nice to have everyone in this one room. I know exactly what everyone is doing and where everyone is at. It can get alittle loud, but that's something we are working on. Along the other wall there, with the shorter bookcase and globe. There are two bookcases with mostly the younger kids books.
This is the opposite wall. Along the back of our art cabinet is a preschool poster area, ABC's, 123's, colors etc. On the window there, we put an ABC poster I had. Along the floor are book baskets. I keep most of my paper back books (younger/thinner paperbacks) in baskets, along with magazines, and zoobooks type books. That way it's easier for the kids to look through them and find the one they want, rather than pull everything off the shelf to find it. That is a picture of our science bookcase. This is also the place the little girls christmas present will go. (yes, they are too young to read this, so I'm okay!!) We are buying them alittle art/preschool type table to use here. I want to make this into a preschool area for them.
So there it is, and we LOVE it. The best part of having the learning room, is I have finally reclaimed some of those lost places in our home. Namely the kitchen counter, the main coat closet, my bedroom bookshelf!!! Just to name a few. I also can have an organize and thoughtout learning room, instead of a large school closet!!

I also want to thank my wonderful husband for doing this for me!!! Oh and putting up with all the mess while we put everything together!!!

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