Thursday, October 8, 2009

How we save the paperback books in our houseful...

My SIL reminded me of this helpful tip, so thank you "M"

I LOVE books, My kids LOVE books...we have tons of books. However books are expensive, but a good investments. I do try to find good deals, and love looking at all the book sales I can possibly find. I also use to purchase from Scholastic.. which anyone can purchase from. I was introduced to this from a neighbor who ordered with families in the neighborhood.

{Back to my story} You can purchase paperback books for so much less...but paperback books use to scare me. There's NO way they can survive living in a houseful...or can they?

I got this tip from a public school teacher, she covered her paperback books-covers with clear contact paper. You can purchase this in most places, it can be hard to find. Contact paper is typically used for covering shelves to keep them from scratching, or to cover up the scratches. Clear contact paper is also used for crafts and such. You can purchase a large roll for under $10.

I simply open the book to the middle, and flip it over. So the cover is up. Then I cut the contact paper to fit the cover. Making it so it will go over the edges, into the inside of the cover. I cut my corners off, on a diagonal into the edge, so it makes a nice, snug fit around the corners. Something like wrapping paper, only instead of tucking that section under, you cut it off.

This obviously isn't completely baby would have to cover every page of the books! But the covers can not be bent {so easily} The cover also can not be ripped {usually!!}

Making paperbacks more baby friendly!!
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  1. OMG, Melinda this is such a good idea. I need to go to the store ASAP and get some contact paper.

  2. I cover most of my "keeper" books with Contact paper, especially homeschooling books. It helps SO much!

    (By the way, please don't forget to include a link back to Thirsty Thursday.) :)

  3. Joy, thank you for reminding me!
    I LOVE all the help I get from Thirsty Thursdays!

  4. Yes, we do the same for homeschool books. It makes a huge difference.

    Annie Kate


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