Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have do I have plans!

If I have learned anything about myself, over the past years, it is this...

I am a classic over-planner/ under achiever!

So while I may appear to have it all together...I don't !

So one thing I don't want, is anyone who might be reading my blog, to think things like

Wow she's great, I wish I could be just like her!
I have plans, I have plans for plans, I have even more plans whirling around in my head.

Sometimes that's my problem..I have too many plans...and don't know where to start.

I can picture my perfect life, I can picture my perfect school day, but somehow getting from point A {where I am standing} to point Z {at the end} is a long journey!

I need to remember to take steps... how can I jump from A to Z, and not even go to steps C, D, E, F,G...and so forth?

Trust me Papa Bear reminds me of that often! He knows me too well.

So here's the new plan!! {YEP ANOTHER PLAN!!}

I will get everything we are currently doing, under control...then I can add another great and exciting new plan!

Right now I am going to get our Morning Devotional running smoothly.

We are doing our morning devotional, just not up to par {for my standards}

We will do the following every morning:

Family Scripture Study

Family Prayer

{the kids and parents all do our personal scripture study before our school begins, I spend some time with the younger A's later in the day, reading easy scripture readers}

Hymns, these are the same ones each week

1 hymn, 1 children's hymn, 1 patriotic, 1 educational or seasonal song

Sign Language
starting with the ABC's learning 6 per week

Historical Document
Memorizing, when memorized and copied, move to a new one

Calendar Time

American Patriots Almanac
by Willam J Bennett and John Cribb

Then once a week during this time we will do the following

Polite Moments, Character Notebooks, Scripture Activities and Notebooks {probably Scripture Stories and activities along with notebooking} Read aloud a family book {mom's choice} Artist Study and Notebook, and Composer Study and Notebook.

SO all those things are not done every day, nor every week.

Some of them take a whole of 5 minutes, while some will take the rest of the hour to accomplish.

Artist and Composers, will be the same one all month, and I will update and discuss that person for one time slot, after that we will look at and discuss a picture or we will listen to music, simple enough. Family read aloud, can be done while another activity or notebook is being worked on. Same as polite moments...

So I still need to work out the details of how it will all run smoothly...but at least I will only be working on one section of school...not all of it!


  1. Wow! That is some morning devotional plan. If I tried it, I would have to call it the all day devotional plan! ;-) I would really love to read more about your devotional experiences. I don't really have one, as my oldest is only 4yo, and I have been debating when I should start one.

  2. LOL!! Yes some mornings I do want to call it a day!! Though we are morning people, I am not a get out of bed kind of morning person..I hit snooze all too often. However A1 is a great kid, he sets his alarm, and get's everyone up! A2 would sleep until noon if I let her! I will post again, and try to clarify some of my devotional plan.


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