Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chores Part 3 {MOM STORE}

Andrea, at Dean's Academy, asked about the types of items I will have in our "Mom Store" Well right now....very little!!! I will be adding to it this weekend.
Some items might be
~Craft kits, you can get this all over the place. They come in boy or girl, young or older... and the A's love them!! Things like scratch stickers, paint by number, sand art, make your own rubber balls, jewelry kits, leather working kits, wood or kits for our wood burner, clay or moon sand, stamping.....
~we eat a very strict diet, so treats are a must. We also only buy healthy treats, so treats are not often around here, gum will be a must. A personal bag of their favorite type of chips, nuts, sunflower seeds, beef jerky...
~ Dollar Store finds, some of these are fun craft kits. A4 loves those little plastic army guys. Trinkets for the older girls, hair accessories, craft items. Most stores are also starting to sale fun and cute dollar items, and you can find some gems there.
~There's also real money, this will be worth 1/2 of a Mom Dollar. So for every Mom dollar you can have 50 cents.
~homemade coupons. have a movie night, make a special treat with Mom or Dad, Campout {inside or outside} family game night. These will be VERY Simple and with little cost to me. These will also be pretty cheap, in Mom Dollars. Tiff at Rockin C just gave a great tutorial about her general store on her blog.....
~cool homeschool kits. There are so many different fun kits and activities on homeschool websites... learn about this or that, learn how to do this or that, fun science kits.....
~I also discussed this idea with the kids..... the "Something I just can't live with out from the store" card! You know the Mom I need this, oh Mom I can't live without this, stuff from your latest shopping trip. For this we will set up the following guidelines.
1~ I will set a price for the item, most likely the same price as it is in the store. They will need that many Mom Dollars
2~ each A can only have 1 card in the Mom Store at a time. So if last week they just had to have that new doll, and now this week it's the new stroller. They will have to make a decision to choose one of them for the Mom Store......just as a side note, some of the A's are thinking this will be great and each and every week they will get a brand new toy from the store. Trust me it will not be that easy, and they will have to work for a brand new toy. {that's just how we will be doing it}.....

~The best advice I can give is to listen to the kids, and talk to them about it. Just today A2 was making a craft with fresh picked flowers, and suggested maybe we could go purchase fake flowers at the store to do it.... I said yeah maybe that would be fun. Then I thought about it, and said, maybe I could add something like that in the Mom Store!

Hope that helps and gets your thinking about ideas. It sure got me excited to get moving on this again. I do have a small store right now, with things I purchased to do and never got around to doing! Along with a few small trinkets I picked up along the way, thinking oh that's great I can use it, or so and so would love this... and then they are usually forgotten about!!

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  1. Thanks for the tips!! My boys love treats and snacks- and I don't have them very often- so that seems to be the biggest thing in our store- gumballs have been a motivator lately, as well as candy, animal crackers and otter pops. At the grocery store yesterday- Doodle requested Soda pop in my store- so I bought some of the generic kind (soda is a rare treat around here)- and he was hoping to have enough tokens to buy one today. ;)


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